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heather - NightlyReading (heatherhy01) | 1001 comments Please discuss the book in this thread:)

heather - NightlyReading (heatherhy01) | 1001 comments Did anyone start the book yet? I am about 3 chapters in and it has captured my attention! I love Ebony already. She is one tough chick:)

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I’m going to after this one

heather - NightlyReading (heatherhy01) | 1001 comments Sydni wrote: "I’m going to after this one"

Great! I can't wait to discuss with you:)

heather - NightlyReading (heatherhy01) | 1001 comments I cannot tell how far I am with the book but I am just starting to get into the "guts" of the story. I have met several characters and from what I can tell, the story will be told in dual POV. I am curious as to how the two will connect???

heather - NightlyReading (heatherhy01) | 1001 comments Finished up the book and I can't wait to discuss it with you guys!!! Who else has or is reading?

heather - NightlyReading (heatherhy01) | 1001 comments Here is my review:

Woah, woah, woah!!! That was one heck of a cliffhanger ending leaving the reader wanting the next book immediately! You have been warned!

Anyone that really knows me, knows my love for all things dystopia and this book was no exception.

The book is told in 2 different POV's from Ebony, the slave and Princess Irene. I must say that I adored Ebony. She had a tough exterior but being able to see her perspective led me to know that she wrestles with herself over right & wrong and truly wanting to help others. Princess Irene was oblivious to the things that were going on in her country. Granted, she had been kept inside her safe bubble but she seemed a tad bit naive to me. Although her life was less than perfect due to the treatment she received from her parents, I tended to not like her as much as Ebony. I found myself looking forward to getting back to the story told by my favorite character.

There was a very diverse cast of characters which was refreshing but tended to get a little confusing trying to keep track of them all. There was also a little confusion in the beginning of each chapter to be able to tell which POV you are reading. It may throw the reader off a little until they get a grasp of how the book is set up.

None of the above points stopped me from enjoying this book immensely. I liked the plot, the world building and the fact that the book seemed very character driven.In my opinion, this was a fantastic start to a new series. One that could easily be a top seller by many of the YA fiction community if they could find out about it via word of mouth.

Thank you to the author for the review copy in exchange of an honest review.

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