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message 1: by Jenna, I'd be free if not for Temper & Edgewalker (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jenna Kathleen (jennakathleen) | 4603 comments Mod
BR for Twilight by Stephenie Meyer for June 20th.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments thank you Jenna. :)

message 3: by Jenna, I'd be free if not for Temper & Edgewalker (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jenna Kathleen (jennakathleen) | 4603 comments Mod
Laura wrote: "thank you Jenna. :)"


message 4: by Sha (new) - added it


maybe in, because i am currently crushed by books.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments same with me Sha and for the very same reasons. :)

Slytherpuff I’ve never read it before

Slytherpuff Since I'm traveling for a few days I won't have access to a computer so I wont be able to use the spoiler link. Would you mind if I write my thoughts down without the link and add it later? I can always wait to post.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Hi. Sorry for being MIA. Lots of chores yesterday and in the evening, when my free time was available, GR was down for maintainence. :(
Well, at least it's working again now.

I don't mind you posting without the spoiler tags. It's just you and me and possibly Sha, if she doesn't get crushed under her "currently reading" pile. :D

Slytherpuff up to chapter 6 or 7

(view spoiler)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments I think she decided to move because (view spoiler)

I like the narration also. It's very easy to read. And mistakes in the print are irritating. I hate those.

Slytherpuff Up to 9 or 10

I’m wondering if Edward is playing along with the vampire theory. I am still loving Bella and Edward’s interaction. I relate to Bella with the blood typing.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Slytherpuff wrote: "Up to 9 or 10

I’m wondering if Edward is playing along with the vampire theory. I am still loving Bella and Edward’s interaction. I relate to Bella with the blood typing."

ha ha! welcome to the club!
I can change the dressing for a wound but if someone comes at me with a needle I wanna run for the hills!

At times Edward does behave really creepy. And I love Bella too.

Slytherpuff I get nauseous at the sight of blood even if it is just a movie

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments In that case you're a bit worse than me I think. 😁

How do you like the book so far? Many people seem to consider this trash lit but I honestly like it. The prose may not be elegant but the way the story is told makes me wanna keep reading.
And Bella is too sweet and self sacrificing for her own good.

I love her dad also. How do you like him?

And how are you planning to read this. A few chapters a day? Chatting will be a lot more fun if we read at the same pace. :)

Slytherpuff I read a few chapters a day. Some days I read really fast though. I’m on a trip for the next day and a half. Of course, I’m on an hour drive but forgot to get the book. I will still be reading.

message 16: by Sha (new) - added it

Sha | 1522 comments I remember fainting at school during biology blood inspections. Then I got hormone issues and started having my blood drawn out a lot, and got used to it.

I'm not starting this yet. There's a possibility I might be too overwhelmed by other books.

Slytherpuff I believe that I just finished chapter 11

Boy, that incident was close. I was expecting it to be Charlie’s car rather than Billy’s.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments did you see how Billy was glaring at them?
And the way Edward said, "another complication" - something is there in between those 2?

Billy seems to hate Edward. Does he know what Edward really is? Or is there something more besides it?

Jacob however doesn't seem to be affected much.
I like Jacob a lot. How about you?

Slytherpuff I like Jacob but he isn't my favorite.

through 15

(view spoiler)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments 😁😁I suppose she'll have to. Eventually.

I love both Edward and Jacob the same way. :)

Slytherpuff I finished

(Too lazy to add spoiler tag)
I guess I found out about that now. The end was a cliffhanger.

New Moon
Mid chap 2

It started off a little weird. I was hoping that Bella would be changed.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments oh. good. I finished it too.

are we reading New Moon now? And then the rest of the series?

And yes, even I was waiting for the same thing. But there's lots more in store. New Moon is even better than Twilight. At least that's how I felt about it. And I'm waiting to see if you feel the same. :)

how did you rate this?

Slytherpuff I gave it a 5. I’m reading the rest of the series of you want to join

Up to chapter 6

I feel really bad for Bella. I know that she really misses Edward. This book already almost made me cry

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments you betcha i want to join.

this book almost made me cry too. And i do feel bad for Bella also.

Wasn't that a bit kind of stupid of Edward? Breaking it off like that?

Slytherpuff Yes. I’m up to chapter 7

I’m happy that Bella is getting a new life. Her obsession over Jacob will be bad if she sees Edward again

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments i agree. :)

Slytherpuff Partly through chapter 11

I’m feeling really bad for Bella now that Jacob has joined the gang. I was hoping that when Laurent found her she would change her

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments as far as I understood Laurent always wanted Bella as a snack. Changing her wouldn't have been an option I think. :D

Slytherpuff Believe I'm mid chapter 12

I still feel bad for Bella. I am waiting to find out to see if Jacob is a werewolf. I'm at the point where she runs off to Jacob, The fight they had seemed intense.

Slytherpuff Finished

I found that he is a werewolf. I am so glad that they are back together. Let's see what will happen with Charlie. I'm wondering if she'll get changed in the next book.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments finished it also.

Anf I absolutely loved their reunion.
Will start the next book tomorrow. :)

Slytherpuff Laura wrote: "finished it also.

Anf I absolutely loved their reunion.
Will start the next book tomorrow. :)"

I'm trying to wait until tomorrow so I can use it for all my team challenges. I may not be able to hold off.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments no need to wait. One day early doesn't count. You can start today and also get all points. :)

Slytherpuff Laura wrote: "no need to wait. One day early doesn't count. You can start today and also get all points. :)"

I mean for a challenge in another group. I wouldn't be able to use it for a category if I don't wait.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments oh. sorry. I thought you meant the challenges here. :D

Slytherpuff Laura wrote: "oh. sorry. I thought you meant the challenges here. :D"

That's fine. It was for YA buddy reads mainly.

Slytherpuff Eclipse Mid chap 5

(view spoiler)

Slytherpuff Mid chap 12 I believe

(view spoiler)

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Slytherpuff wrote: "Mid chap 12 I believe

[spoilers removed]"

If you ask me, there was nothing to forgive about that. He didn't have any rights to not allow her to go see Jacob. That hostage thing was indeed to much.

But jealous Edward is cute. :D

Slytherpuff Up to chapter 20

I like how the vampires and werewolves are working together. I’m excited to see how this turns out. I can’t believe Seth and Leah are already werewolves.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments yes. I like that also. How do you feel about the Edward - Jacob relationship and Jacob as a werewolf?

Slytherpuff It is really interesting especially when they had that talk in the tent.

Slytherpuff Finished

I definitely thought it would be too early too get married yet it makes sense because she is still human. I am happy that Jacob is accepting what happened. I really enjoyed the battles. It turned that better that Edward was with Bella.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Finished it too and same 5 stars.
Starting Breaking Dawn today. :)

Slytherpuff Read the 1st book in Breaking Dawn

The honeymoon sounded perfect for them. I’m glad that the wedding wasn’t a mess. I’m excited to see what happens next

Slytherpuff 2 chapters from end of book two

I am glad the werewolves didn’t end up attacking. I was hoping that Jacob was just going to tell Sam that he is now the alpha. I’m wondering if imprinting is rare with werewolves but not in one pack. I have a suspicion that Jacob may have imprinted on Bella.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments but 2 alphas over there are 1 too much right. :)
I love Seth also. He is my favourite in the pack. And his big overprotective sister, she's not so bad after all.

Slytherpuff 2 chapters into book 3

I feel bad for Jacob. Now, I think he may have imprinted on the baby. It is really interesting to read about the differences of what you see from being a vampire to a human.

Slytherpuff Up to 34
I wish the Volturi didn’t decide to come. I’m happy that Bella gets to keep many people in her life.

Laura (lauradragonchild) | 6217 comments Ha ha! Keep wishing. :D Once Alice sees it it is done. Right?!

I finished it and loved it just as much as the first time around. Will wait for your thoughts at the end.

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