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──── nightclubs are prominent within the lowest tier one, also popular amongst sex workers and drug dealers.

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Vitoria leaned casually against a wall while scanning the crowd of sex workers and her fellow drug dealers. She wrinkled her nose and rolled her eyes, disgusted that this is what the government had done to her and everyone here. She dug her fingernails into her already scabbed palms and left out a sigh, looking for someone who was supposed to come for a deal. She needed these credits to get herself some food and pay off someone she lost a bet to. Otherwise, she was dead meat.

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Vitoria scanned the girl from top to bottom. This wasn't her usual drug deal, her drug deals were normally heroin and cocaine. This was a bit of fresh air, as was the girl receiving the drugs from her. She didn't look like an addict or like she was half close to death. One might even say that she looked normal. Nothing that she was used to at all.

"Mhm," she hummed, shoving her hands in her pockets. She jutted her chin to the back door. "Follow me out here. The second these assholes see drugs they'll be all over us," she grumbled before spinning on her heel and hoping the girl could keep up.

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Vitoria's natural smirk grew a little when she saw that the girl kept up easily, and it grew even bigger at her visible frustration. "Damn, someone's eager." She fished through her backpack before pulling out a bag. "Credits first, then you get the drugs," she said while holding the drugs in front of her. She learned early on that this was the best way to do it without getting cheated.

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Vitoria rose her eyebrows before taking the credits she needed. "You're lucky these credits are saving my ass or you'd be pulp on the ground," she growled before shoving the drugs at her. "Hopefully your attitude will simmer down the next time we meet." She was done with people treating her like shit, especially if it was going to be this chick.

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Vitoria clenched her jaw. Somehow the girl's words made her even angrier than a client punching her in the jaw. She licked her lips and let out a shaky breath. "Right, I'm the princess. This is coming from the girl stupid enough to think that she could dig a fucking chip out of her skin. You're just as naive as you look," she snapped, just loud enough for the girl to hear. It wasn't that she was necessarily searching for a fight, she just needed to have the last word like she always did. No one ever beat her in a fight whether it be a physical fight or verbal.

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Vitoria let out a breath and her smirk returned to her face as if it had never left. At least something she said got to her.

[[ sure! you wanna start or me? ]]

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Minhyuk and large spaces full of people were never a good combination. It didn't help that this was a nightclub, so half a dozen people had already mistook him for a sex worker. Originally, he'd come here to meet up with a potential customer — until it had become clear that they weren't going to show. The presence of foremen had also forced him to hide, something he disliked doing in the lowest tier — too many eyes on you at all times, no guarantee nobody saw him use his power. But they had left, eventually, and he was now just sitting idly in a corner, watching the events unfolding around him, whatever they might be.

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Novella pushed her way through the crowd, struggling to breathe through the stench of dozens of people. She finally made her way to an empty space where she leaned against a wall and took in a few deep breaths. This was her way of pretending to be normal, like a human not hiding from foremen and the government. She wondered if being a synth was really all that bad compared to this.

She felt a sense of absolute terror every time anyone even glanced in her general direction. There were too many people, too many distractions, and too many potential threats. She decided then not to come out here ever again.

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Minhyuk eyed the girl leaning against the wall nearby. She seemed to be panicking — probably a light-bearer hiding from the foremen, though she wasn’t subtle about it. He approached her, gently resting his hand on her shoulder. "I’d be more careful if I were you, there’s an awful lot of foremen in here these days." Minhyuk wasn’t an especially sympathetic person, but terrified kids he could relate to — once upon a time, he had been them, only he’d gotten caught. And if he could save someone else from that, he would. Just because he made a living killing people didn’t mean he was heartless.

He glanced up, looking for threats — traffickers, foremen. There was one foreman on the other side of the room, but they weren’t looking at the pair. The people close by were too caught up in their own little worlds to notice.

"What’s your name?" he asked, not expecting an answer.

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Novella's eyes widened and her breath quickened it's pace all over again. She scanned the ground then looked back at the guy talking to her. This could almost definitely be a trap. She swallowed and tried to slow her breathing and regain her posture. "Careful? I'm just here to, uh," she glanced around the room, "have sex, buy drugs... and stuff." Smooth.

She licked her lips and slowly started backing up. "Turns out this kind of stuff isn't really for me though. So, I'm just gonna head home."

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"Nobody looks as panicky as you do if they’re here for those reasons. Trust me on that." Minhyuk knew she wouldn’t listen, probably already well on the way to being terrified of him. There was no way to prove he was trustworthy, short of revealing himself, and while the girl seemed harmless he had learned the hard way that not everyone was as they seemed.

Minhyuk looked around. Still nobody was watching them. Quickly, he focused, letting his hand disappear, light bending around it — what little light there was in the corner, anyway. "Trust me," he repeated. "I’m not going to betray you. I’m on your side." He let the light return to normal, his hand becoming visible once more. The odds of her trusting him were still low, but at least he’d managed to confirm (somewhat) that she was a light-bearer.

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Novella's eyes widened when she saw his hand disappear then reappear. She looked around somewhat wildly while grabbing his hand and pushing it out of sight. "What are you doing?" she hissed nervously. She licked her lips and took in a deep breath. "Thanks for trying to help me, but I'm dangerous to be around... obviously, considering that you were able to tell what I am just by glancing at me."

She tossed her hair over her shoulder and released his hand with a slight wince. She couldn't remember the last time she'd touched someone. And even if this guy was a light-bearer like she was, she still didn't know if he was planning on turning her in. She quickly stepped back away from him.

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Minhyuk moved closer. "Stop worrying, it was a lucky guess. People running from the government tend to be scared of everything." He had a knife hidden in the palm of his hand — should this escalate and draw attention to them, the oblivious foreman on the other side of the room could be dealt with. "Haven't you seen me on the wanted posters? I'm not about to turn you in to the government. If anything, I should be worried that you'll turn me in." He looked around — people were still not paying them any attention. This had always been his favourite thing about nightclubs, you could murder someone in the middle of the dance floor and nobody would notice. Not that he was planning to murder anyone unless he had to.

Minhyuk gritted his teeth as he felt a dull ache begin in his back. He'd forgotten to get more medicine, again, and he was now also out of emergency stuff. Note to self: stop doing dumb stuff like jumping off buildings. But he pushed away the pain. He didn't have time for that — he needed to focus on what was happening. Even if the pain made it difficult to concentrate, he'd worked through worse. And it might continue to build, but hopefully it'd be slow enough in its progression that he could get the girl to calm down.

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Novella let out a steadier breath as she examined his features. He was attractive, incredibly so, enough that if she had simply seen him hanging around she would assume he was a sex worker. That's when she remembered the wanted posters she had seen around and her eyes widened. He was a wanted murderer. Novella felt like she should be afraid, but she felt the opposite. She felt more trusting, in fact. Unless he was planning on turning her in to get his name cleared, but she highly doubted that she was worth that much. She made the decision to give him a bit of her trust, just enough to talk to him and hear what he had to say, but definitely not enough to follow him anywhere too far from here.

She took a hesitant step forward and glanced around nervously. "I won't turn you in. Even if I wanted to, I would just be turning myself in, too. But now I'm wondering why you of all people are warning me to be more careful." She kept her voice low, still terrified of getting caught. Maybe coming out here wasn't as good of an idea as she originally thought.

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Minhyuk breathed out softly, relieved. She had listened. "Because I don't want you to get caught. Nobody should have to go through that." He glanced around. The foreman had disappeared from where they had been before, and a quick scan of the room revealed that if they were there, they had hidden themself. It was worrying, but not overly so — they could have left, or gone into another room. "Don't need more government-controlled synths, either."

This had to be one of the most interesting encounters he'd ever had. The crowd were utterly oblivious, and the only other person in the room who would know his face was gone — whether to sneak up behind him or simply because they grew bored with the crowd, he wasn't sure, but it didn't really matter. If they caught him, he would simply escape. Meanwhile, the girl was still cautious of him, although she was no longer panicking quite as much. Still a deer in headlights, though; still a danger to herself with her clear fear of everyone around her. Even if she wasn't a light-bearer, they would still take advantage of her or hurt her. And while Minhyuk was normally indifferent to others' suffering, seeing a scared light-bearer girl trying to stay unnoticed reminded him of himself when he was younger. Before he was captured and turned into a synth.

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Novella furrowed her eyebrows at his words and gave him another once-over. She suddenly became more curious about him, wanting to know his whole story. How did he get here? "Did... Did you go through it?" she breathed. She noticed him glance around so she did as well. He looked worried, which only increased her fear. She had to leave soon.

Truthfully, despite this whole experience being incredibly nerve-wracking, she was grateful for him showing up and speaking to her. A few guys that had been eyeing her hungrily finally took their eyes away when they saw her speaking to another man. She could only hope that this guy wasn't another one of those hungry men. But, upon giving him another careful once-over, she decided that he could be somewhat trusted... At least in that department as well as him not turning her in.

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Minhyuk stepped back. She was getting too curious. And while it wasn't a deadly secret that he was a synth, she already knew too much about him. "Stay safe." He moved to leave, pushing through the crowd — until he saw the foreman standing in the midst of the crowd, watching him.

They had seen him talking to the girl. He was sure of it. Why had he been so stupid as to think that nothing could happen? Minhyuk pushed back through the crowd, towards the girl, stumbling slightly. He didn't know if the foreman was following him — his only priority was to find her and make sure she got out safely. She could fight, probably, but there was too much danger. "You have to get out of here."

Not much truly scared Minhyuk. He'd seen a lot. He'd survived a lot. But someone who could disappear from his sight and watch him without him knowing was someone dangerous — very few dared to, and very few could pull it off. And while he knew he could win against them, if they got a hold of the girl then they would have leverage. Even if they weren't really friends or acquaintances, Minhyuk didn't want the girl to get caught. She was too nice, too similar to pre-synth Minhyuk. It hurt. He hated being emotionally vulnerable. Protecting someone else was harder than just keeping himself safe.

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Novella's eyes widened in fear when he came back. "W-What's going on?" she asked, scanning the crowd before seeing the foreman watching them carefully. Her heart began racing and she stopped herself from bolting which would have given up what she was straight away. "What are we going to do?"

Novella felt guilt, it was her fault that he was in this mess because she was so obvious with how terrified she was. Even if she didn't know him well, she felt responsible for what was happening and like she had to do something about it. She half considered turning herself in so he could run. You don't even know him, she reminded herself.

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"Just stay close to me," Minhyuk whispered, heading for the front exit. "Keep your head down and don’t react if people brush up against you." Their enemy was already moving in the same direction, trying to head them off, and as they drew nearer to the exit Minhyuk slowly let his second knife drop into the other hand and slowed his pace. The foreman stood beside the exit, looking for the pair.

Minhyuk turned to the girl. "It was nice meeting you, even if the circumstances weren’t so great. When we get close enough, run and don’t stop. Don’t look back." He didn’t like having an audience, except to cover the body, and the ignorant people that filled the nightclub would be enough. She needed to get out of here. "Oh, and keep your face covered. Don’t need anyone recognising you."

And with that, he moved closer to the exit, in such a way that the girl could get through the gaps he left. When he drew close enough, he threw one of his knives, letting it bury itself in the wall beside the foreman’s head. "Go, I’ll keep them occupied."

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Novella followed, sticking close by him despite every instinct in her telling her to run. She listened to him carefully and hesitated, not wanting to leave him. She watched him throw a knife out of nowhere with incredible precision and barely stopped her jaw from dropping open. She looked at him and back at the foreman.

"Thank you," she said. "Find me after so I know you got out safe." She pulled the hood of her jacket over her head and pushed her way through the crowd while trying to steady her pounding heartbeat. She couldn't get her mind off of him, worrying herself silly over whether he was going to make it out of here alive or not. Or worse, if he was going to make it out free.

Halfway to an exit out, she looked back at him again and wondered if she really should run or if she should go back and help. She remembered the knife she had in her back pocket in case of an emergency.

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Minhyuk nodded as she spoke. "I'll try." Incapacitate them, give her time to get away if you can't. Don't get caught. He moved forward, meeting the foreman halfway as they ran towards him. Evidently one for hand-to-hand combat — after all, the bosses didn't like it when their precious slaves got damaged. He grinned, and the foreman halted, giving him just enough time to twist them around, putting a knife to their throat... right as a violent pain seared through his back.

His hands fell down to clutch at his back, dropping the knife and letting the foreman out from the chokehold. What with all the stress and danger, he'd forgotten about the back pain, but evidently it had built up to the point where it was unavoidable. He refused to cry out — if she heard, the girl might very well be stupid enough to come back, and he refused to let that happen. Even if it killed him.

The foreman hauled Minhyuk to his feet, slamming him up against the wall. And that was their mistake — he grabbed the knife he had thrown earlier and brought it round, swiping blindly. As soon as the grip on his shirt loosened, he was stabbing again, this time aiming properly. And within seconds the foreman was on the floor. Minhyuk sank to his knees, breathing heavily. He hated brawls. They were far too stressful. He would find the girl later, once he had caught his breath.

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Novella watched the scene with wide eyes, unknowingly reaching for the knife in her back pocket until she realized that he was okay and, as far as she knew, unharmed. But she didn't miss the look of agony or the way he held his back. She couldn't help but worry. She glanced around to be sure that no one else was watching them suspiciously and jogged back over.

She knelt down next to him with furrowed brows and hesitated before placing a hand gently on his back. "What happened? Are you okay?" she breathed. The trust she had in him grew substantially at the sight of him killing a foreman, even if it did scare her a little. She realized that there was no way he would turn her in, but still, she knew she had to keep her distance just in case.

With that thought in mind, she removed her hand as if he had burned her and ran it through her hair - something she did a lot when she was stressed. "We need to get out of here," she stated simply.

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