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The Principle of Manifestation: A Practical Guide to How We Materialize the Physical Universe
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Russell Gibbs | 22 comments I am seeking honest reviews for my new self-help book The Principle of Manifestation. The Principle of Manifestation expounds on the second principle from the award-winning and bestselling book The Six Principles of Enlightenment and Meaning of Life and is the third in this series of eight books on enlightenment.

The connection of thoughts and what manifests in physical reality has been referenced for thousands of years in philosophy, science and spirituality. Whether we realize it or not, we all play a part in creating the physical universe. Author Russell Anthony Gibbs explains the mechanic of manifestation and clarifies how our consciousness transforms energy into physical matter. Gibbs supports his points with quotes from scientists, enlightened beings, spiritual leaders, philosophers and many others. Great minds like Albert Einstein, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Rumi and Jesus all understood the principle of manifestation. When you understand how to master the principle of manifestation, you can deliberately create the life of your dreams.

If you would like to review this book please email me at with your format preference. (mobi, epub or paperback)

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Ruchi Patel (ruchi7559) | 16 comments I would like to review but i prefer paperback. Is it possible to deliver that to India?

Russell Gibbs | 22 comments Ruchi wrote: "I would like to review but i prefer paperback. Is it possible to deliver that to India?"

I can email you a mobi or epub file but the shipping to India is a little cost prohibitive.

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