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message 1: by Myra (new)

Myra (ohjustbooks) | 2 comments Hello everyone!

I've been a reviewer for over a year now and I've been beta reading for a couple of authors I like on and off - I thought I'd take it to the next level by posting here. I'm willing to do free beta reading and/or proofreading in exchange for testimonials that I will post on my website (in process) when it is up and running.

This is only a temporary offer till I get enough testimonials - I will update the topic to reflect any changes.

Send me an email at or DM here to ensure it reaches me because sometimes the notifications don't pop up. DO mention "beta reader required" in your subject line - in email or DM.

I will read most genres - fiction as well as non fiction - but I will not read erotica, violence, gore, or abuse. Do be open about your genre and requirements.

I can work on google docs so you can see comments in real time. Alternatively I can do MS word docs with chapter-wise updates.

Looking forward to chatting with you guys!


message 2: by Myra (new)

Myra (ohjustbooks) | 2 comments Hi guys, just wanted to update that I have gotten quite a few requests now so this will be on hold for a bit till I work through the requests and figure out how many I would be accepting, and duration to finish those I am accepting, etc.
Will update here as and when I have empty slots again :)

message 3: by Joan (new)

Joan Gross | 3 comments Hi,
For the past few weeks I have been trying unsuccessfully to post my memoir for beta reading but have been unsuccessful. I can't even find the tabs that I am supposed to press and even though I have emailed and been given help, the negative results continue.
My Memoir: A Jewish girl, ignorant of her religion and family background, moves to NYC to study art. There she meets a handsome, intelligent, charming Muslim from Pakistan. Together they decide that their love can overcome all obstacles. They marry and a few years later set off to live in Pakistan. First though, they want to take a vacation. While in Europe, the 1965 Pakistani-Indian War breaks out, and rather than fly into a war zone, they decide to travel leisurely through a dozen countries and then cross Turkey and Iran, into Pakistan. Two naïve people set out, geographically illiterate, with only chocolate bars and no knowledge of the various cultures and languages they will encounter, laughing and crying all the way, and giving many others reason to curse them or laugh with them.

message 4: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Newcastle is a 182030-word historical fiction about the Richards family, based on the plantation named Newcastle in South Carolina. The novel follows the family from the period just after the Revolutionary War to the opening days of the Civil War. The slave conversations in the opening chapters are written in Gullah the original slave language translated to English by footnotes.

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