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Jammiedodgerofdoom So can we just talk about Small Bob? Because all through Tartarus Small Bob was just hanging out on Bob's shoulder and we don't even really know what happened to him. And I just became really attached to that cat and he didn't even get out of Tartarus alive, so he probably won't even survive without Bob, and that just makes me really sad.

Jacob Hott Well technically if you think about it the kitten survived fora while on it's wn without Bob so I'd say he's be okay and just regenerate like bob

Neha Tartarus probably won't care about such a small creature. If he isn't in a revenge mood, he would leave Small Bob which will eventually lead to his coming to mortal world and will probably meet Percabeth in, say, 20 years?? Or maybe 2..

Chaya I don't think that Small Bob was a main character in this book. Even though we all love him, that explains why we don't know what happened to him.

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