War Storm (Red Queen, #4) War Storm question

Haley Tribbey Haley Jun 19, 2018 11:18AM
It seems with each book I read in this series the plot get drug out longer then it needs to be. And don't get me wrong I still REALLY like the series but I also feel hate towards it as well. I haven't felt that way towards a series ever. I devoured the first book within a day. Red Queen was AMAZING. I have a little less then half way left in War Storm and I feel like the plot is just is just taking off. Which I fine highly odd. Is it just me?

I love the potential idea of the series: The separation of blood, war, power.

However I hate what was actually typed on paper: To much cliche love stor, not enough actual plot.

I think that world in RQ is good, but nothing out-standing. ok, Red Queen was very interesting and absorbing with the characters of silvers and the life in royal palace but plot with Red's and Scarlet Guard wasn't. And what you wrote is very true: i felt the same that from book to book it was less climatic: Red Queen was interesting, Glass Sword - completely disaster, King's Cage - the best part of all, and War Storm - hmm, nothing special. almost every plot was ended bad.

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