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Seeking More Like This: Women Liberating Men in Romance

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Shannon Someone recently posted a question on a page for Fifty Shades of Grey, and it is one I share. I thought we might get more feedback if the question was posted under a book where the man was not in control... Plus, this is one of my favorite books of all time.

The original poster and I both seem to be seeking power play dynamics and slavery themes.

The part that is challenging is that we seek a strong male who has lost power over his life through no fault of his own and craves freedom. A strong female saves the day. The best books with this theme have the man saving the woman in return.

Indentured servants in historical romance, convicts on the run, and the guy who is down-on-his-luck are all themes that work too!

A woman having compassion for a man who doesn’t expect things to improve and is shocked and restored to himself when they do improve is awesome by my apparently eccentric standards. In theory, his pride recovers, and romance ensues.

Submissive men or betas are okay, but not the goal. In trying to help the original poster, I listed the books I’ve found fitting this description to date. I’ll add them here as examples and to prevent duplicate suggestions.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d be super appreciative. I imagine the original poster would be as well.

My list (so far) includes:

Lord of the Storm (Coalition Rebellion, #1) by Justine Davis Lord of the Storm by Justine Davis, which might be my favorite book ever next to The Tied Man

To the Princess Bound (Terms of Mercy, #1) by Sara King To the Princess Bound by Sara King

Yours to Command (Dirty Sexy Space, #2) by Shona Husk Yours to Command by Shona Husk

Tiger Eye (Dirk & Steele, #1) by Marjorie M. Liu Tiger Eye by Marjorie Liu

Fantasy Lover (Hunter Legends Series #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Lyon on a Leash by Erosa Knowles Lyon on a Leash by Erosa Knowles

Deliver (Deliver, #1) by Pam Godwin Deliver by Pam Godwin

Here She Rules (Chronicles of Erla #1) by Kat Brewer Here She Rules by Kat Brewer (male slaves here are a bit too submissive)

Man The Animal (The Man, #1) by L.A. Morgan Man: The Animal by L A Morgan

Man The Slave (The Man, #2) by L.A. Morgan Man: The Slave by L A Morgan

Chained (Brides of the Kindred, #9) by Evangeline Anderson Chained by Evangeline Anderson

Enslaved (Brides of the Kindred, #14) by Evangeline Anderson Enslaved by Evangeline Anderson

Born in Chains (Men in Chains, #1) by Caris Roane Born in Chains by Caris Roane

Savage Chains Captured (Men in Chains, #1.5) by Caris Roane Savage Chains: Captured by Caris Roane

Stealing Mercury (Arena Dogs #1) by Charlee Allden Stealing Mercury by Charlee Allden

The Slave Auction (Scotia Saga #1) by Ray Anselmo The Slave Auction by Ray Anselmo

The Huntress by Michelle O'Leary The Huntress by Michelle O’Leary

Dark Torment by Karen Robards Dark Torment by Karen Robards

Cardinal's Rule (Suncoast Society, #3) by Tymber Dalton Cardinal's Rule by Tymber Dalton

Dirty (Damaged #1) by Michelle Heard, Michelle Horst Damaged: The Complete Set Including Dirty and Filthy (previously known as Saved by Him/Her) by Michelle Heard, Michelle Horst

*To read this particular book, you currently have to buy the set of two. It doesn’t currently exist on its own. The second book has a man rescuing a woman.*

message 2: by Jamie (last edited Oct 05, 2019 08:13PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jamie Schulz Wow! I've read a few of these too, including the Tied Man, Dark Torment, and Damaged and have really liked them. Now I have more. : )
I have another story you may enjoy. It's my book, Jake's Redemption ( It's a full-length prequel and the first book of the series will be out in the next few months. I would love it if you'd read it. : )

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