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message 1: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29486 comments This is the discussion thread for our August BOM: Hour of Darkness by Lara Adrian.
Details you may wish to include in your discussion:
* What did you think of the continuing storyline?
* How did the plot compare to others in the series?
* Did you have a favorite quote or scene?
* Would you recommend the book to others?
* Do you plan on reading the rest of the series?

message 2: by Loriidae (new)

Loriidae | 522 comments Appears to have been delayed until September 25

message 3: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29486 comments Thanks for the update, Loriidae. Guess this chat is postponed a bit.

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