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The kingdom of Elvinger's north east side is met with the vast ocean. However, the ships and port town are located on the western side. The east shore is home to beautiful beaches, and horse trails.

Mimi Angel of Love Regina had washed up on the shore of one of Elvinger's north east beaches after that remarkable storm. She caughed water out of her lounges as soon as her eyes could open.

Where am I? She thought to herself as she looked around the beach and was only able to see a man riding his horse on the trail. Maybe someone will be able to help me. I can't remember a thing. She frowned at the thought because she doesn't really know who she is.

She attempted to get on her feet only to fail miserably. When she fell she actually started to cry.

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There wasn't a more perfect time for William to go with his horse and enjoy the beach trails. He knew he would have to spend time talking with not only the four guests but also the other representatives of the castle. The beach side, the moving water, the soft sand would give him time to think, collect his thoughts and move forward. But he didn't expect to see a woman there, and by the look of her appearance, it seemed she wasn't just taking a stroll.

Her dress was soaked, the cloth pieces that had once been decorated with fine silk was now covered with sand. William got as close as he could with his horse but halted a few feet from her as to not startle her with the mere size of the horse. He didn't know what condition she was in, and having a six foot animal ride in front of her face wasn't safe for anyone. Will's boots hit the sand, sending the grains scattering and walked toward the brunette haired girl. "May I assist you ma'm, are you okay?" William said, trying to get a word in between the woman's sobs.

"Here, let me help you get to your feet," William offered, extending out his hand. The first sight he had seen of her was that of her falling back to her knees after her failed attempt of trying to stand. She must be in some kind of shock at the moment, and the Queen's eldest prince could understand why. From the looks of it, she had just been washed ashore, from what, he didn't know. There had been a sign of a storm just yesterday, but here had been no sign of pirates or anything else for that matter. All Will knew was that he needed to get this woman dry clothes, to see if she was hurt, and most likely she needed to be given something to eat. Looking at her, he hoped that she had not been out here long, and was grateful that he had even decided to ride out on the morning of the summer festival.

Mimi Angel of Love Regina took William’s hand when he offered to help her up. She looked into his eyes seeing how they sparkled with concern. “Thank you.” She said gently as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

She noticed the horse and her eyes widened. The horse was waiting patiently behind the man. She was very surprised by the tapestry that was beneath the saddle had a very detailed crest that was embroidered in a pearl white and gold. That's the crest of a royal family. She thought before she looked at William.

“I just wish I remembered what happened and who I am. Do you think you could help me?” She looked up at him as she spoke.

She could tell that he was the owner of the beautiful horse. “Your horse is beautiful.” She approached the horse slowly letting the horse smell her hand before petting it lightly.

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