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The fair is decorated with ribbons and festive decorations to attract people to the shops and food stalls. There is an open area in the square, a place for dancing while the musicians are seated to the side. Anyone and everyone is welcome, even those from other kingdoms have visited the fair, hosted by the Queen herself. Look around, she may even be in the crowd followed by her personal guards. Magic is in the air, the breeze comes in small waves, inviting everyone for a merry time.

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There was no hope that she Emilia was going to get all her work done early. Perhaps if she knew the amount of labor that was to be asked of her the day of the opening of the fair then she would have been better prepared. But, she had no one to blame but herself, hadn't she been saying that she had experianced this before. She knew the Queen's expectations, but somehow the list was longer this year. More flowers, more dresses to be washed and sewed, and more cleaning to be done. Take it, the Queen had more guests this time than last year's festival. Emilia sighed as she scrubbed at a few wash cloths, some she had used early to clean the guest's chambers. The promise that she had told Magnus that she would get off early ran through her head as she scrubbed. Her mother playfully hit her head as she took a spot beside her daughter, "If you have that dazed look on your face all afternoon you'll never get to the fair." She said, a lovely grin forming on her mother's face as she looked on at her daughter while grabbing another cloth to scrub.

Emilia snapped out of her thoughts and turned to her mother, "I wasn't having dreamy eyes, I was just thinking about what we should do next on the list." Emilia blurted out to defend herself, moving on to the next item that needed cleaning to hide from her mother's gaze. "I never said that you had a dreamy look dear," her mother said, and then wiper her hand on her apron to rest her hand on her daughter's cheek. "Go, I'll take care of the rest here." "No, I couldn't-" "No, don't bother," Jeanine quickly added, cutting off Emilia's protest. "Have fun, enjoy your night. I'm sure there is someone who will be expecting your arrival" Emilia leaned over and hugged her mother, trying to not comment on her last comment and avoiding the knowing smile her mother always had.

As Emilia took her apron off, and headed out the door, she couldn't help but notice a few maids talking in the corner. She couldn't quite catch their conversation, but they were the ones that personally aided the new guests. They seemed to be snickering something awful, but Emilia paid no attention to them after that. She wasn't one to take part in gossip so she hurried along and rushed outside the castle in the most dignified manner she could pass off with.

The sun was low in the sky when Emilia walked out of the castle, she was supposed to meet Magnus around this time by the back gate. She slowed her steps and walked calmly toward the end of the pathway. The trail ended, the rocks now turning to a more unkept dirt path but she knew that it would lead to where she wanted to be. The thicket started to surround her, the branches tugging at her dress and head as she walked by, teasing to let the hair fall out of the bun she had it in. By the time she reached the iron bars Emilia's breath had returned back to normal and she scanned the wall that was decorated with deep green vines. It wasn't hard for her to find the bars, after all this was a place that Magnus and her often met. She gave the gate a slight push, taking it off its hinges and gently moved it enough so that she could squeeze her body through the space.

It wasn't until she was on the other side of the stone wall that she was able to find a clearing. The secret rendezvous had been left hidden, for practical reasons but also so that any enemy wouldn't find an unguarded way into the castle. For what Emilia knew, only Magnus and herself knew of this gate, but the Queen and some guards must know of this too. But it was in the recesses of their mind, unused, unnecessary, something to be forgotten. Emilia smiled, turning around, and was startled to see Magnus already there waiting for. After all, she had been late, she should have been here at least an hour ago. To her standards she never liked to be late, she expected Magnus to never be able to keep a specific time. He was bound by his title and Emilia understood if he ever got caught up in other matters. But she prided herself in being punctual, however, she was unable to avoid it this time around.

"I got a little caught up," Emilia said to explain herself. "How about yourself, did you run into any altercations after we parted ways this afternoon?"

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments (I`m having trouble coming up with what my prince should do before meeting up with her. That`s what`s taking me so long dear.)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments "A little caught up, huh? Magnus arched an eyebrow. Waiting a whole hour for her to show up, he half expected her to not show up due to some duty she was probably forced to do. Nevertheless, he waited for her. He knew she would stand him up because this Summer fair was to great an adventure for her to pass up. Yet, it did annoyed him how some of the higher ranked maids would make her do odd jobs just to keep them apart. He long suspected the reason why they picked on Emilia, but there wasnt much he could do except intervene whenever he overheard one of them instructing Emilia to do something or belittling her for her status in society.

Thinking about her next question, he averted his gaze from her and stood up from the rock he was perched on as he waited for her to come. "I don`t get into altercations, I start them, remember?" He thought back to earlier in the day where he had to attend a luncheon with the special guests. He noted they were all strikingly beautiful women, yet he couldn`t get over the fact that they annoyed him in one way or another. Being his moody self, he abruptly left the table without a word to anyone including his mother. Judging by the look on his mother`s face, he knew she was playing matchmaking again and he couldn`t find any quailty in any of the girls that he liked. They wasn`t nothing like Emilia. They didnt have her adventurous side that got him excited over doing the simplest of things such as going to a fair. They lack the caring side of her that soothed him when he was angered or being moody. They just wasn`t Emilia.

Approaching her, his eyes met hers. "Nothing but the usually prince affairs I had to attend to. It was all boring and unnecessy." He told her taking her in. Even in simple clothes, he admired the way she looked. Looking away to avoid being caught staring, he turned to the side.

"We should get going. I just hope this festival won`t be too much." He lied skillfully. In truth, he loved everything about the summer festival when he went with Emilia. Going with his brothers as a boy, he was always teased for looking for Emilia whenever they went, so he would settled for watching the fair from afar as he painted.

Looking back at Emilia, he smiled hopefully. "I don`t suppose you would want to go to the hill and watch the festival with me?" The hill was a place that overlooked the village. From there, he could see everything happening in the village. It was his hideaway place to go whenever he was upset or wanted to be alone. Though that never stopped Emilia from coming to get him from time to time.

(I look forward to your pirate character^~^)

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