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──── not particularly clean, the market district is where a lot of the most scandalous activity happens. anything from chemical weapons to human organs are sold openly, no one really investigates it, even though there are some people devoted to stopping rampant crime.

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The market had settled down considerably, now only littered with the occasional drunk or prostitute making their way home. This is where Vitoria preferred to sleep rather than at the nightclub with the rest of the homeless drug dealers or the bridge with the rest of the homeless. No one dared to sleep in the market with its uncleanliness and bad reputation. But Vitoria couldn't find it in herself to be scared. All of her worst fears were packed in the back of her brain where she refused to look.

That is, until she falls asleep. Which is exactly what she was doing at this moment. Curled up in a ball in the corner of the market, Vitoria had dozed off and was now having one of her nightly nightmares about Xander. She could practically feel his grimy hands touching her skin and smell his smoky, rotten breath. She squirmed and whimpered in her sleep before letting out genuine yells and shouts at him to stay away.

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Vitoria gasped upon waking up, nearly punching the other girl in the face. Her chest was heaving and she realized that her cheeks were damp with tears. She quickly rubbed at her cheeks with her worn jacket sleeves and tried to look tough despite her still trembling lips. "W-What are you doing here?" she asked, trying to sound harsh but instead her voice came out soft and raspy. She silently cursed herself for looking so weak in front of Andy of all people.

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Vitoria hesitated, eyeing the girl warily. She could easily have ulterior motives for this sudden kindness, but something about her voice told Vitoria that she was being sincere. And maybe this had something to do with the drugs Vitoria had to deliver every so often. She let out a quiet breath and pushed herself up. "Okay... thanks, I guess," she mumbled, voice still groggy and raspy from her sleep. She prayed to whatever gods there might be that Andy couldn't see her puffy eyes through the darkness.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Sol quietly looks at a piece of paper before looking up to study her surroundings. Yeah, this was definitely the place. It was rare for Sol to come out, especially on a weekday, when she'd much rather be at home working at her computer. She has been messing with some.. Important information. Though, it was the type that was dangerous. But, she had to come out. She had to keep an eye on someone. Someone she mostly talked to online, and never in person. The trouble was, watching this girl from a distance without the girl A, noticing, or B, knowing who she was. This girl was an initiate, so Sol didn't want this girl to know exactly who she was until she chose which role she wanted.

Sol walks over through the crowd, sitting on a bench and glancing around. This was probably the 4th or 7th time she's come here. It was alright. Not good, not bad. At least it was the least watched area in the tier. Or so, she assumed. She lets out a small breath, softly tugging at her red and black plaid sleeves as her brown eyes glanced around once more as she waited patiently.

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Yavana left her shitty one room apartment in a daze, she lived in her childhood home which was located above a shop in the market district. It was far from glamorous and vaguely smelled like chinese food thanks to the restaurant below, but she still considered it home. This morning Yavana had woken up to her alarm reminding her to send money to her brother Carver so he could continue paying for his schooling in the middle tier, that's what had her dragging herself out of bed so early in the morning and leaving her apartment. Yavana couldn't just send money to her brother the normal way, he would get kicked out of school if they found out his benefactor was from the lowest tier, so Yavana had to wander around the market district to find a proxy from the second tier that could transfer the money for her. It was during this time that Yavana felt eyes on her, she was being watched for the second time this week, but whenever she turned around she couldn't spot the person.

It was becoming an unsettling trend, the feeling of being watched. Was somebody onto her? Yavana didn't exactly acquire her money through legal means after all. She stopped and scanned the market place for anyone suspicious. Well, more suspicious than usual.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Upon exiting, Sol's eyes instantly fell on her. Ok.. This was not her first time watching this girl. And, she probably didn't need to. After all, this girl was invited to join the Grey Hats for a reason. But maybe, she could get some info on this girl to try understanding her better. That's something Sol often did. Observed from a distance. It helped her understand them better. She was curious as to why she was sent a letter. What she was capable of. Though, she knew this girl probably was becoming more aware of her surroundings. They did have many dangers, after all.

Upon seeing Yavana glancing around, Sol had blinked and looked away, looking towards the market before quietly glancing back at her. ..She'd have to approach and say hi sometime. She just wasn't sure exactly when, yet.

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Unable to spot anything unusual, Yavana walked a few more steps forward and then suddenly whipped her head around. This time she saw someone looking at her from a bench across from her apartment. Yavana was putting an end to this right now, she was not going to tolerate someone watching her.

With steely grace, Yavana stalked over to the bench until she was standing right in front of the girl, looking down at her. "You seem familiar, wanna tell me why you've been hanging around here lately?" Yavana asked. She was always more of the confrontational type after all.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Sol blinks lightly, her eyes widening at the sudden confrontation. Ok, that works. She lightly laughs after awhile. ..This girl was always so straightforward. She admired her for that. There was no denying she had been caught staring at her.

Sol had lightly giggles,"Sorry, I didn't mean to stare." She stands up, eyeing her before holding her hand out,"My name is Sol, and you are?" She asks, having sort of put aside Yavana's question. Not out of rudeness. She planned on answering. She just thought it wouldn't be right to introduce herself first. Besides, not like this girl knew her first name online. Only her online name: Glitch. So there was no harm in this girl knowing her first name. Though, being a hacker, she'd imagine Yavana might eventually find some information on her. "..Er.. Sully, to be exact." She smiles cheerfully.

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"Hmm I don't give my name out to people i just met, especially if I've just caught them staring at me." Yavana replied callously and very purposely ignored Sol's offered hand. "So can I help you? Or do you just watching girls on the street willy nilly?" Yavana was not impressed by this girl's friendly tone and was determined to understand what her goal was before getting her to fuck off. Yavana was a private person and this girl, Sol, Sully, or whatever, had no right to pry as far as she was concerned. She eyed Sol suspiciously.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments Sol continues to smile, allowing her hand to drop. She holds her hands behind her back, studying her expression. She didn't trust her. Well, it was to be expected. Yavana didn't know Sol. Not completely, anyways. Sol figured, as far as Yavana was concerned, Sol was just some chick in a dirty market who was staring at her. Sol giggles,"Don't worry, you're the only girl I was watching. But it's not what you think." She looks back at the market,"..You don't look like someone who'd be here. So naturally, you caught my interest." She smiles,"But not to worry, I didn't specifically come here for you." She eyes her. Well, that wasn't entirely a lie. The first day she came, she had come to pick something up. That's when she had seen Yavana. She remembered seeing her before, and upon further research, had found out who Yavana was, and made sure to keep in contact with her online. Upon seeing her accidentally at the market, she had kept coming back to keep an eye on her. She wasn't sure why Yavana caught her interest so much. She smiles lightly,"This market sells some pretty good things. I came for that." She glances over,"..Did you come here for it as well?" She questions, lightly raising a brow.

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"That is also none of your business." Yavana replied, but her words didn't have the same bite to them as they did before. She still didn't trust this Sully girl, but she was less cautious than before. "Didn't your parents ever teach you that it's impolite to stick your nose into other people's business?" Yavana asked. She was surprised by herself, keeping the conversation going instead of just walking away. It was so unlike Yavana it almost had her leaving to look in a mirror to make sure she really was herself.

((sorry its so short i'm suffering from writer's block atm))

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments ((It's all good))

Sol giggles,"You're correct on that again." Her brown eyes studied the girl's expression, keeping a smile. It appeared she was studying her, but really, she didn't need to study her much to understand her. Though, that may be because she talked with her online often. She was really just surprised at how different Yavana acted in person than she did online. It was.. Interesting. She tilts her head lightly,"..Do you live close by? Or did you have to walk far?" It's not your business. Sol half expected Yavana to say, but either way, she kept her gaze on her, expecting some sort of reply. She didn't know why, or how she was going to do it, but she wanted to keep the conversation going. At least for a little while.

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