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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historial 19th Century Romance Fiction Where a Girl Heals Horses and is Disguised as a Boy: Spoilers Ahead

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Heather (hjeikenberrry) | 1 comments I read this book in the 1970's or early 1980's; It was one of my earliest romance books as a girl. I thought it was a Barbara Cartland but I have been reading plots of as many of her books I can find with no success.

The story as I recall it:
A young girl is running away and is disguised as a boy (I cannot recall the reason why she is on the run). Her only possession is a book from her mother, that has a reference to her Grandfather and she is trying to find him, At an Inn, a nobleman arrives with a lame horse. While he is dining, she takes the horse to a stream and "heals" the horse's hoof using the water and her own inner magic. The nobleman catches her, believes she is harming his horse and hits her, forcing her to run. After he realizes that "the boy" has healed his horse, he finds him and hires him.

She becomes the nobleman's footman/page boy and travels with him. She befriends the Lord's old Valet. I recall a scene where the Lord's horses escape or are let loose from the stables during a storm. He demands his page to find his horse. She does so, ensures the horse is taken care of, but she herself succumbs to pneumonia. The collapses by her bed and is only found a long time later by the old valet who takes care of her, and of course, discovers she is a girl.

The valet does not tell the Lord of her disguise. However, when there is an attempt on the Lord's life, she runs in her nightshirt to warn him of the danger, saves his life, but he notices that the shape under the shirt is not a boy. He does not say anything, but is suspicious, thinking she is trying to swindle him or compromise him. He wants to know what her motives are and puts her in a compromising position to test her. One day in his bedroom, he creates a situation where she has to sit on his lap. He believes she will use this moment to reveal her secret and attempt to seduce/compromise him. When she does not, and instead acts nervous and scared, he is mystified and lets her go.


During a formal dinner, as she is standing behind the Lord's chair at dinner, another older noble keeps staring at her. The Lord notices this. The older noble sends a note to the girl asking her to meet him. She does meet with him and discovers that he is her grandfather and she looks just like her mother. She agrees to join him but she must first (do something - get the book, say goodbye; I am not sure).

After she leaves, the Lord believes that the old nobleman has seduced her away from with promises of wealth. He visits the old nobleman and discovers that she is nobility, and everything ends happily.

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Rainbowheart | 21140 comments Still looking, Heather?

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