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message 1: by Jamie (new)

Jamie | 73 comments Hi guys! I have a problem. I always hear people say that when they read a book they can see it as if it were a movie, or they get a clear picture of the characters, setting etc. When I read I see nothing. I try to picture the story but I just can't. Do you guys have any tips? I have no idea if this is something you can improve but I would love to have this reading experience!

message 2: by Lune (new)

Lune  (thefullmoonlunatic) After some time reading I stop seeing the words and letters and start “seeing” what I read. I think it works something like your memory? Perhaps when you think back to some place you have been to, you “see” that place again? For me when I read a book the setting always resembles places I have seen before, it’s not like my mind makes things up, I really have to have seen it sometime in my life.
It doesn’t work like that for everyone though, my sister has the same problem. For her it is more a concentration thing. She can’t get relaxed enough to truly get into the story.
I’m not sure this information will help you, but good luck!

Belle of the Book Club (belleofthebookclub) I'm not the greatest at this either. I've realised that I sometimes read too fast for my brain to really soak in the words and form a mental picture.

Try reading a little slower. Think about what's being said. And also! Don't be afraid to grab from real-life; If the way a character is described reminds you of a celebrity or someone else you know, run with it.

Ultimately, if you're still enjoying the book, who cares if you can't imagine it?

Long Live Wonderland | 1039 comments for me reading is exactly like watching a movie! though I'm not sure how you could improve this. sorry. good luck!

message 5: by Vee_Bookish (new)

Vee_Bookish | 0 comments Late to the party but this sounds like Aphantasia and there's a subreddit community of people with it:

I think I have a very mild form of it, it can be very difficult for me to picture scenes. It's improved a lot since I started watching a ton of TV shows from various genres, I can pull scenes and actors from them.

message 6: by L.C. (new)

L.C. Perry | 700 comments I think daydreaming can help. It forces you to use your imagination more, which I think can help strengthen it. I've done so much daydreaming in my life (mostly through listening to music) that it's pretty easy for me to relive what I've watched and even create new original scenes.

Watching a lot of shows, movies, cartoons, etc can also help. For example, it's hard to picture a dragon if you've never seen one, right? That's why other forms of media are very helpful.

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