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Hello Sunshine | 58 comments Mod
What sort of questions do you have? What do you want to discuss?

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura Duke I’m confused why Reese would select this book for her book club. The way Mark speaks to Erin and looks down on her is so awful and condescending. I cannot point to one scene and say “that shows how much Mark truly loves Erin.” There was definitely space at the end where we could’ve seen how Erin grew and learned from the experience or even some female empowerment but there was nothing.

message 3: by Susan (new)

Susan | 1 comments I'm new(sh) to the club and am trying to catch up on the reads, but am nearly done with SOMETHING IN THE WATER (will hold back to avoid spoiling for others!) I saw that the new pick is a historical romance, and as a romance editor, I'm thrilled to see this. Admittedly I'm not a huge romance reader (though I am a big Outlander fan . . . okay, fanatic :)) but it would be wonderful if people could see that romance is more than the cliche covers of yore. So thanks for the pick! And for all the great choices. I definitely have my summer reading cut out for me. :)

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Lizzie | 5 comments Hello
I was wondering if there were plans to pick more books by women of colour?
Thanks so much

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna Lizzie wrote: "Hello
I was wondering if there were plans to pick more books by women of colour?
Thanks so much"

Yes, please! I would like more books by women of color!

message 6: by Susan (new)

Susan Mabry | 60 comments I would like that too! I just read “How to love a Jamacian” by Alexia Arthur and it was fabulous! Collection of short stories!

Try that one out Lizzie!😊

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Lizzie | 5 comments Thanks, Susan - I will add that one to my list!
I just read Washington Black which I really enjoyed, although the ending felt a bit abrupt.

message 8: by Susan (new)

Susan Mabry | 60 comments Thanks for the tip Lizzie about “Washington Black”! I had it on my list but i’ll push up to my next read! Have you read any books by Maya Angelou? “I know why the caged bird sings” is a five star classic about her life which is so inspiring!

Right now I’m into Asian authors. I lived in Japan for 2 months and it brings back a nostalgic feeling! Sayaka Murata new novel “Convenience Store Woman” is so good. You might light that too! Fresh voices! 😊

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Lizzie | 5 comments I lived in Singapore for a few years so Asian voices would also be interesting.

Thanks for all the recommendations - 2019 should be a more varied reading year for me 😊

message 10: by Susan (new)

Susan Mabry | 60 comments Lizzie, let me know your thoughts once you read some... I’m loving WASHINGTON BLACK right now! Visceral!

message 11: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie | 5 comments Oh good, let me know what you think of the ending as well. I will definitely drop you a line after I have a crack at some of your reccos. Thanks again.

message 12: by Christina (new)

Christina (chrisbize) | 2 comments Hello i really enjoy your book club. I have so many things to read in my livrary that i purchased some books you suggested and didn’t have time to read it yet. My question is: i can receive a free book from audible each month and i’m hesitating between 3. I think you read them, could you help me out. It’s between « where the crawdads sing » by delia owens,
« The library book »by susan orlean and « the other woman » by sandie jones. I believe those 3 were part of the book club in 2018. I m planning in the end to read the 3, but which one should i get first? Thank you for your suggestions it will be much appreciated. And happy new year

message 13: by Susan (new)

Susan Mabry | 60 comments I vote for WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING😊

message 14: by Christina (new)

Christina (chrisbize) | 2 comments Thank you very much susan

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