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What's one book you wish people loved more?

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Jaimie | 2 comments Not Your Sidekick by CB Lee (and it's sequel!) it's just really unknown lmao. It's about a bisexual Asian girl living in post-apocalyptic America where a bunch of people have super powers. Her parents are superheros, her big sis is a superhero, but she's almost too old for any powers to present and she's seemingly power-less. In an effort to fill her time, she takes an internship at this really great, well-known company (think Apple or Google) where her cute-ass crush, Abby, happens to work! Only twist: It turns out her internship is ACTUALLY for supervillians! Her parents' archnemises!

The book is SO entertaining! I'm utter garbage for anyone (good, bad) with superpowers and it was a really nice take on dismantling the tradition superhero/supervillian narrative, complete with some good ol' political and corporate corruption!

Besides the fact that it's an INCREDIBLE book, it's super diverse! Almost everyone is LGBTQ+ and a person of color! The main character of the first book is a bi Asian girl and the mc of the sequel is a badass black trans boy!

The author is also SUPER nice, I messaged her a little bit through Tumblr and she was sooo sweet!! Support queer authors of color!!!

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Rosa (rosa_dambrosio) | 2 comments The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. This is a historical fiction book set in biblical times that follows the story of Dinah. If you're familiar with her story already then this is a really fun book to read, but in no way is that a requirement for enjoyment.

Also disclaimer: yes it is set in biblical times, no it really doesn't have much to do with Christianity.

That being said, this is a really sweet book that focuses on a strong woman throughout her entire life. In the beginning, there's a lot about family dynamics and women supporting and taking care of each other, which is really beautiful. It also weaves in themes of romantic love and familial bonds. The society portrayed in this book is so vastly different from today and isn't often seen in literature, so I thought it was really interesting. Not to mention that the story itself is engaging and the characters are all unique and intriguing.

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