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Cursing loudly, Evan winced as he entered the main room whilst rubbing his red fingers. "I hate that dang window," the Shadowhunter growled.

Looking up, the serious-faced boy broke into a smile and walked over to pick up the stele. Turning his wrist to face him, Evan's long fingers wrapped around the stele and steadily drew an iratze on his skin. There on his pale skin, it burned like Hell's fires before fading to a warm glowing orange and finally went black-much like a tattoo. "Alright, there, all better." Placing the stele back, neat as can be, utop the mound of items, Evan returned his hazel eyes to his friend.

Recently, Asteria and him had come to the decision that they wanted to rent a flat-so, here the were. The flat was simple, undecorated-obviously. The floor was a plain brown wood-maybe oak? The walls a nice, practical beige-with the paint peeling.

"This room could use some light," Evan said with a stiff smile, but light wasn't the only thing this poor place needed. Walking over to the light switch, the Nephilim boy flipped the switch-and nothing happened.

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