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message 1: by Skabr (new)

Skabr | 5 comments Hey Everyone,

Could I request you to beta-read my YA urban fantasy novel? First, I'd like to seek your valuable help for a few chapters to see how well we work together.

It's 69000 words long and features a non-believer protagonist, who's fallen in love with a Christian girl.

Weird stuff starts happening to the MC due to the conflict between God and Devil.

His life is turned upside down in no time but that's just the beginning of troubles for him and twists await him...

Mostly, I want help with plot, characterization, pacing, etc. rather than the meticulous things like line-by-line crit. Your help is needed for tackling the macro issues. However, for the first chapters, I'd like to request line-by-line critique.

Your help is important to me.

Thanks for reading my request,


message 2: by Sasez (new)

Sasez | 6 comments I would love to help!!

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