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Now we'll never know > Contemporary romance series about family. Heroine abused by doctor fiancé but saved by hero. Spoilers ahead.

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Midniteillusion (Desiree) (midniteillusion) | 102 comments Sounds good, I'd like to read them. Hope you find it.

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Kris | 36615 comments Mod
Searching for Beautiful by Jennifer Probst turned up while searching, but it only matches part of your description.

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L J The J.S. Scott series about billionaires. The various series tie together through kin, friendships and marriages. Billionaire Unbound ~ Chloe Billionaire's Obsession #8 is the book with the sister engaged to the doctor.
Second book is Billionaire Undaunted: Zane.

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OP's account deleted. Moving to NWNK.

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