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Londa (londalocs) | 1526 comments 1. How did you experience this book? (Paper, e-book, audio)
2. Was this your first time reading this author? Will you likely read more of their books?
3. Favorite/Least Favorite character(s)?
4. Favorite quote(s)?
5. Favorite/Least Favorite chapter/part/section of the book?
6. Was the ending satisfying?
7. Would you recommend this book to others?
8. Copy or link to your review if you have written one

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message 2: by Lulu, The Book Reader who could. (new) - rated it 3 stars

Lulu (lulureads365) | 2449 comments Mod
1. ebook

2. This was my first time completing one of Dorothy West's books. I'd like to read "The Wedding".

3.Favorite: Judith Judson/Bart Judson
Least: Cleo Jericho Judson

4. No special one in particular.

5. Favorite section of the book was when Bart Judson came home one last time to Cleo and we saw how fragile she really was, how she really did need the love of someone.

Least: I didn't like how Cleo took advantage of her sisters and practically ruined their lives. They were just miserable. The good was how they were starting to get their lives back...except for Lily. I think she was ruined permanently.

6. It was very satisfying.

7. yes.


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