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wanda sat there examing her art piece. the canvas which possessed a painting of herself was framed while the mysterious untitled purple female stood on the isle, her eyes gazing across the room. wanda knew who it was. she saw her future flash across her mind when her body reacted to the stress and anxiety that had been pent up. as the red magic leaked from her fingertips, it reaced among another dimension, revealing to the mutant that the girl on the canvas was her daughter. she had seen the face of the father and knew his name. vision .

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Jesse (oni6470) | 12 comments Vision wandered around the mansion, it was a slow day, not much to do, of course, he could go to his room and do a systems update, it was his equivalent to -take a nap-, but he wasn't in the mood for that. Instead, he chooses to go to the art room, art was something he was still trying to understand. What most interested him was how every artist had his own vision of how things are or should be, even if different artists draw or paint the same thing each had his own signature and no one looked the same. He could draw it, paint it and it would look no different from the original, but it was just a copy, no originality at all.
Going through the walls he reaches the art room but it wasn't empty, somebody was there.
"Greetings Wanda, it wasn't my intention to disturb you, you did that? interesting" floating he gets closer to the painting. "I recognize you, a bit older yes, but the other? it looks a bit like you, she's your sister? I didn't know that you had a sister"

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at vision's simple inquiry, an innocent smirk broke the temporary frown that was present on her lips. wanda turned her emerald gaze to him, admiring his beautiful appearance. he was art work that could never compare to the attempts anyone achieved in the room the pair resided in. "vision," she said his name with an undertone of affection and joy. she peered at the art, followng his gaze. the canvas stood their on the isle, being inspected. "no," she said, a smile gracing her lips at the thought. a sibling other than pietro would be a sweet idea. "it's not my sister." did he know? had he seen into the future? she wasn't certain.

brows knitted closely together, she drew in a shaky breathe. her voice revealed her absent confidence, "vision?" she asked. "do you really not know who it is?" her eyes looked at him longingly, searching his face for signs of acknowledgement that the girl he looked at was his own daughter. "have you seen the future?" her voice dropped a few notches.

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Jesse (oni6470) | 12 comments Vision keep his eyes on the painting but still answered Wanda "It's not your sister? but she looks very much like you, I may run this through one of my programs, but if I were of the betting kind, I would bet that the result would show that she is in some way related to you, you did a great work on this... the eyes, the lips... amazing".
But as Wanda ask him if he doesn't know who's the girl in the painting, he turns to her, puzzled about her question.
"I really don't know who's her, if you want I can run it through a facial recognition program... excuse me... did you ask me if I have seen the future?, I'm sorry, I don't understand your question, you are feeling right?"

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wanda found vision's innocent confusion the mildest of amusing. she was already so worn out and tired from the constant anxiety running through her veins that she weakly smiled at him, offering encouragement and reassurance that she was ok. "i've seen the future vision," she said. despite not knowing vision that long, it felt like the pair shared an eternity together. without his permission and or indicating she was going to touch him, wanda raised her hand to place her palm against his cheek. knowing he was only half human, not really even, just emulating human's by coding, she was comfortable with her approach. closing her eyes, the scarlet witch reached for her powers, the magic that ran in her blood. it was tugged out, stretching from her finger tips the red strands seemed to float towards vision's face. in a moment the red strands spread everywhere, engulfing the room. "the future," she whispered before the magic transfered it's memories of the future to vision.

future memories would flash across his eyes, revealing to him that he his path was intertwined with wanda's and that the girl in the drawing was his daughter.

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Jesse (oni6470) | 12 comments "The future...? but you can't do that no one can" but before he could say anything else Wanda touched his cheek with his hand, his ample spectrum energy sensors detected a spike, an unknown energy flowing from Wanda to him. His body tensed as a flurry of images appear in front of his eyes, like a movie going very fast but he still recognized the images in it, it was him and Wanda, together and the girl in the painting was his daughter.
As the vision ends the android fall on his knees, his systems reeling from the strange energy coursing through his body.
"What... what was that the images, you did that?" if the android could breath by now he would be gasping for air and about to puke right there.

QUEEN | 2265 comments Mod
wanda knelt on the ground before vision, "get up vision," she said, an undertone of concern and affection towards the android. "i don't know how it happened," wanda revealed, shaking her head. the magic receeded into her body. she looked at him, searching his face. "i didn't mean to hurt you," she said, uncertain if the expression he wore was that of pain or fear. the last thing wanda wanted to do was tamper with how fragile he was.

worry coursed through her body, causing her to take a step back, uncertain if she was responsible for causing him physical pain. "are you ok?" the magical mutant asked the android, her voice very low.

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Jesse (oni6470) | 12 comments "I know you didn't try to hurt me but, no offense implied, we know that you can't fully control your powers, there's much that we don't know about your powers and how they work, and to answer your question, yes, I'm fine, I did a full check up on systems and everything is fine, well except some weird scans and that... visions? I had, you saw the same I did?, I mean, you and me...? and... she?" he signals to the painting, afraid of turning back to see it again.
"It's impossible, I mean, you are a woman, healthy and surely very fertile but I'm a synthezoid, an artificial being, I have fully functional male anatomy but I'm quite sure that I can't have children, then how that vision had you and me having a daughter?, I'm quite puzzled by it..."

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concern faded from wanda’s easing facial muscles. her features restored their natural presence on her face, absent of tension provoked by worry concerning convincing vision that he and wanda belonged. “it is the future,” She said, trying to convince him. “For an android you are quite resistant,” she commented a glimmer of amusement in her soft emerald gaze. she reached out to lace her fingers with his. “i wouldn’t worry about it too much vision,” Wanda informed. “Im certain there is an explanation. But for now, lets enjoy it?” She asked raising a curious brow, hoping that vision would trust her enough to let her be with him.

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Jesse (oni6470) | 12 comments "Enjoy? what's to enjoy?, I mean I like your company but this is a mystery that deserves to be further investigated, you know what such discovering would mean to the scientific community? machines having babies... of course, there's the possibility that it only works because of you".
Vision always had a weird feeling around Wanda, it was like a static charge that just won't go, he blamed it on her powers but deep inside he knew it was something else, attraction? the word bothered him to no end as his logic systems refused to process such thought.
"I advise that we should keep this knowledge just between you and me, time-traveling protocols state that the subjects must keep such matters to the maximum secrecy to avoid compromise the timelines or create new ones"

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wanda rolled her eyes in an affectionate manner. "of course vision," she said, reachiing up to capture his cheek in her warm hand. his face was smooth, unbelieveably smooth that it was quite remarkable. she used her thumb to stroke the curve of his red skin, "so what do we do now?" she asked, searching his eyes for some sign.

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Jesse (oni6470) | 12 comments "Have something in my face? a dent? damage systems don't show anything", using his hand he rubs his finger right where Wanda's hand was.
"What to do? that's a really interesting question, as I said protocols say that the fewer people know about this the better, but my experience with time paradoxes is lacking, we need somebody to advise us about this, an expert, could be one in the mansion?".
Vision was still adjusting to the mansion and the students, he still hadn't met all of them and didn't have a full understanding of their powers and skills.

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