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adjust as necessary
this thread is for anyone who is not a foremen or a hacker

━━(i.) Identity
⇁ name:
⇁ identity chip #: (4 digits)
⇁ sexuality:
⇁ gender:

━━(ii.) Birth
⇁ birthdate:
⇁ tier:
⇁ birthplace:
⇁ power level: (request 7 and up)

━━(iii.) Class
⇁ occupation:
⇁ specialty: (hacking, fitness, mathematics, etc)
⇁ wealth: (poor, well off, rich)

━━(iv.) Appearance
⇁ eyes:
⇁ hair:
⇁ build:
⇁ voice:
⇁ notable traits:

━━(iv.) Disposition
⇁ personality:
⇁ history:
⇁ mannerisms:
⇁ misc:

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  # 3801

identity. ─
> park jisoo
⋄ chip # 3801
⋄ male
⋄ biromantic

birth. ─
> 12th of july
⋄ tier 2
⋄ power level 2 / 6
(view spoiler)

class. ─
> inventor
⋄ disability assistance
⋄ well-off
(view spoiler)

appearance. ─
> lee taemin
⋄ hazel eyes
⋄ dyed red hair
⋄ slender
⋄ soft-spoken, stutters
⋄ always wearing a gold ring
Absentminded. Eccentric. Many
would say that Jisoo is the
stereotypical 'mad inventor' —
and they're partially right. He's certainly absentminded, and he does make strange things that nobody else can make work — but he's a very nice person, he's not an old man with a single daughter, and his main goal is to build machines that can help deaf people lip read and mute people have a voice. That alone sets him apart from the inventors in stories — he understands the needs of society, rather than tinkering around to create useless mechanisms. (Many would argue otherwise, but Jisoo knows that without half his 'things', he'd have even more trouble communicating.)

Jisoo was born deaf. His family didn't realise it until the doctor said that there was something wrong — they'd just assumed he was quiet anyway. It took him a long time to learn to speak, never quite sure if the sounds he was making were the right ones. He learned to guess what people were saying based on how their lips moved and how they expressed themselves. And although it was hard, he eventually started school.

Then the accident happened. His parents and older sister were killed in a car crash while Jisoo stayed home to do his homework. He was twelve — too young to really understand the implications of their deaths, but too old to live in blissful ignorance. So he became an inventor's apprentice — a lovely old man, almost as deaf as Jisoo, who taught him sign language and helped him improve his lip reading, until the man died and Jisoo became a fully-blown inventor.

And sure, he may not have learned some important life skills (like remembering to check on the kettle before it boils, because he can't hear it), but personally, he thinks he's doing pretty well — all things considered.

mannerisms & misc. ─
> deaf. bad at lip reading, particularly when people talk
quickly, but he's trying to improve.
⋄ fluent in sign language
⋄ always speaks like he's unsure of himself — a habit he
never grew out of
⋄ builds cyborg legs and arms for those who need them
⋄ constantly forgets to stop the kettle from boiling over

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descriptiondescriptionavril wynter hyland ❝ V I X O N▾
  ▬ [#0413​​]​ ▬ [racer​​]​ ▬ [tier 1]​ ▬ [chaotic evil] ▬
description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [disposition​​​]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
          ⇢ : (view spoiler): (view spoiler)
          ⇢ : (view spoiler): (view spoiler)
    ──────────────────── ♛ ────────────────────

descriptionp l a y l i s t ;;
descriptionshut up - msi
descriptionheads will roll
descriptionxxx - joji​
descriptionplay with fire

── (view spoiler)

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descriptiondescriptionava daset hyland ❝ V E X▾
  ▬ [#0414​​]​ ▬ [racer​​]​ ▬ [tier 1]​ ▬ [chaotic good] ▬
description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [disposition​​​]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
          ⇢ : (view spoiler): (view spoiler)
          ⇢ : (view spoiler): (view spoiler)
    ──────────────────── ♛ ────────────────────

descriptionp l a y l i s t ;;
descriptionmeet me
descriptionk. flay - fml
descriptionit's strange​

── (view spoiler)

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Hammie | 12 comments descriptiondescriptiondescription
description++F E A T U R I N G : K I M N A M - J O O N++

++T R A C K O N E : I D E N T I T Y++
(view spoiler)

++T R A C K T W O : B I R T H++
(view spoiler)

++T R A C K T H R E E : C L A S S++
(view spoiler)

++T R A C K F O U R : A P P E A R A N C E++
(view spoiler)

++T R A C K F I V E : D I S P O S I T I O N++
(view spoiler)
description++L E T S R A C E++
(view spoiler)

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───────────  lee qianyu# 4532 & ace-demi & male
dark blue contacts / naturally black15 / 03 & 18 & tier 1 & lvl 4
dark brown hair / pierced earsinformation broker & intelligence
( (view spoiler) )& well-off ( (view spoiler) )

I'm not a child is the first thing Qianyu finds himself saying to a lot of people a lot of the time. Because apparently there's something ethically wrong with an eighteen-year-old being part of the criminal underworld. Even though he was born in Tier One, and he's been gathering information since he was old enough to remember things and say them back. People seem to think that he's fragile, or that he should be relying on someone else. But his family are all dead ( his father from alcohol poisoning, his mother from a drug overdose, his older brother in a car crash, and his twin sister sacrificed herself for the sake of a light-bearer friend ) and he doesn't have many friends.

Qianyu is cold. Years of seeing the worst of the lowest tier has desensitised him, and the boy who would have frowned at starting a gang war by selling information about each to both sides has become someone who finds amusement in the violent stupidity of many of the lower-class. Sure, he doesn't actively goad them on, but he collects the information that will make him the most money — and if that happens to be sensitive, well so be it.

miscellaneous. ─────────────────────
> inquisitive
> walks like a cat when he's sneaking around
> if u sneak up on him and shout 'boo!' he'll either put you in a headlock or scream it depends how tired he is and what he's doing
> don't call him a child if you value your life
> if he makes the choice to break the law why does that affect the people he sells info to?

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chemist · top tier · bisexual · #4081amelia zadro + 5'1 + reddish brown + blue

  she's always been the kind of person that needs to be lead by someone else. following instructions is the easiest way for her to function. some would say that lena is kind of a ditz. just from the way that she talks, people think that she's fake and that it isn't possible to have a real, deep conversation with the girl. but, she isn't. lena just has this aura about her, that she isn't super intelligent and that everything in her life is just handed to her on a silver platter. her kindness and naivety is largely taken advantage of and because she is so socially awkward, it's hard for her to really defend herself against it. lena is so invested in here work that she's isolated herself from most of the rest of the world. she belongs in her own world of chemicals and reactions, it's the best thing she understands. social cues are one of the things that she doesn't really understand. people are another thing that she doesn't understand. if people and relationships were like chemicals and reactions, she'd be able to understand it. to her, everything is just like a reaction. if you give a certain amount of reactant, there will inevitably be enough energy and heat to create a product. living by this philosophy, lena is adamant about continuously giving more, thinking that if she does, a reaction will occur and she will inevitably be returned a product in all of her relationships. there are a lot of things that lena still doesn't quite understand or chooses to not comment about the society that she lives in. her best understanding is that everything will be okay if she just stays quiet and does what she is supposed to. everything will be okay then.

(view spoiler)

inspired by alessia + kaya & made by fiend

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( #1311 ) MARIELA RODRÍGUEZ ━━ 22 . jun 30 & fem . pan & sex worker . tier one
long brown hair & hazel eyes & 5'6" & 120 lbs & soft husky voice & light scars


A life of comfort and prosperity was never intended for Mariela Rodríguez, the girl born to dust and shadows. And really, what else ─ who else, if we're being technical ─ could've birthed her? She doesn't recollect her parents, doesn't remember their faces as they held her (had they ever?) or the way the smelled (probably like unwashed bodies and smoke). The only thing she has from them is her name ─ and the cursed blanket that gave her the weight of it. Mariela used to be thankful that at least she had something of them but as she grew older, as she understood what kind of life they'd condemned her to, she soon grew to resent it as much as the blanket she long ago threw away.

There weren't a lot of options for Mariela as she grew. The kind ladies that used to feed her scraps turned her away by the time she was 14 ─ old enough to go and get your own money, they had spat at her when she kept coming around, a feral cat who had grown accustomed to a loving hand. Without any skills, without any kind of confidence, and with the increasing pangs hunger brought on, Mariela sold her body and told herself that it'd be the last time, that she'd never do it again. It was just for food; it was just for this once, she told herself, pretending that she didn't feel ripped wide open and raw, pretending that the dried tears on her cheeks the morning after weren't there.

If Mariela had to guess, that's when she would say she died. Really, she might as well have for all that she felt. Hollow, helpless, uncertain. That's all she is now, faced with the lifestyle she vowed wouldn't become a lifestyle. A part of her, a piece that's young and naive and altogether too hopeful, still yearns for the day she'll be saved. She has to be, right? There has to be someone who will swoop in and bring her to the light. There has to be... Right?

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kenna | 165 comments
⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ vitoria almeida [#2460]
bisexual ─── female ─── november 21 ─── 22 yo
─── powerlevel:6 ─── drug dealer ─── tier 1 ───

→ vitoria is very good at what she does: drug dealing and surviving. she's been trained since she was a little girl to survive in the cruel world she was born into. moments after she was born, she was kidnapped by the drug makers she now works for. they taught her everything she knows. she learned how to fight, defend, escape, and hide.
as a drug dealer, she's pretty well off with credits and such. she's currently saving up her credits in the hopes that she can someday escape this city even if there is absolutely nothing in the outside world. anything is better than here.
vitoria was raised by the drug dealers who kidnapped her. she thinks of them as a family even if they are sometimes cruel and harsh. she cares for all of them except one: Xander. xander abused her in all ways possible until she was able to defend herself against him. he quickly learned to leave her alone. even still, she has nightmares about him. but he is also what fuels her to keep going and get away. and, if she's lucky, find her mother along the way.

→ vitoria learned from a young age to never take shit from anyone. she learned to be hard and unyielding. it seems as if nothing can break her. she rarely shows any kind of emotion and refuses to grow too close to anyone. the only people she truly cares for are the drug dealers and even then, she wouldn't die for them. her own freedom comes before anything else and she wants to keep it that way.
her biggest weakness is xander. her nightmares and ptsd from all that he's done to her have scarred her likely for life. one memory can freeze her and make her break. no matter how hard she tries to shove it all to the back of her mind, it's still there.
of course, vitoria has a soft side. she loves kids and will do almost anything to be sure that they are safe and out of harm's way. anything as long as she can still get her freedom (if her freedom is threatened, she becomes cold-hearted).
vitoria has a very dry sense of humor. she uses sarcasm and humor as a defense system to hide all emotion that could possibly be there. even in the direst situations, she finds a way to make a joke out of all of it.

→ vitoria has a dark brown lob that is usually a mess of curls and waves. she never pays much attention to it but prefers to keep it shorter so it stays out of the way. her eyes are large, dark brown, and droop a little at the sides. they're outlined by dark lashes. her lips are plump and always seem to be smirking even when she's being completely serious. she's not very tall, only 5'3", but she's very strong and built to make up for it. her knuckles are normally bruised and she has a light scar along her jawline from a knife fight she got into when she was 14 years old. the palms of her hands usually have scabs from digging her fingernails into them when she gets nervous. her voice is deeper for a female and a bit raspy like she either smokes a little too much or is frequently screaming.

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descriptiondescriptiondante tadesse ❝ H U S H▾
  ▬ [#0526​​]​ ▬ [mentor​​]​ ▬ [tier 2]​ ▬ [lawful good] ▬
description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [disposition​​​]​ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
          ⇢ : (view spoiler): (view spoiler)
          ⇢ : (view spoiler): (view spoiler)
    ──────────────────── ♛ ────────────────────

descriptionp l a y l i s t ;;
description pink matter
descriptionk. flay - fml
descriptionit's strange​
description dark red​

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MOON SOOYEON / 0493 & f & lesbian

Sooyeon is many things; stubborn, moderately depressed
      born 11 may(she's coping!), deadly — the list goes on — but she is not
      age twenty-sevenneedlessly cruel. In the lowest tier, there are few who see the
      tier onewrong in what they are doing, and she has no desire to be
      power level 6.5one of them. She refuses to harm children (and will go out of
her way to protect them) and when she receives requests to
      mercenarymurder, she considers each case carefully before accepting.
      protectionPerhaps not the most profitable way to run her business, but
      fairly well-offshe's comfortable enough where she is now to be able to do
that sort of thing.

five foot eight, brown eyes, black hair, average build, medium-range voice (can't sing high or low, can't reach those ranges speaking either). always dressed impeccably, often wears gloves. preferred style is jeans and a dress shirt, maybe a jumper or coat if it's cold. wears makeup out of force of habit, normally only wears hoop earrings for special events — otherwise wears studs or no earrings.

Sooyeon was born into the second tier. Her mother, who lived in the lowest tier, had sent her to live with her father when she was born, so that she might get an education. They visited her occasionally, whenever her father could find the time for the two of them to sneak out, but for the most part Sooyeon grew up with minimal contact with her mother. Her father worked full-time in a job that meant she never knew if he'd come home safely or not — fights broke out occasionally, and as a foreman he was required to break them up. It wasn't uncommon for him to return home with a split lip.

When Sooyeon was eighteen, her father was killed. They said it was the government, that he'd been found out to have defected and been protecting light-bearers. Sooyeon knew nothing of politics, nor of her father's supposed secret business. She ran to the lowest tier, afraid that she would meet the same fate. And she stayed with her mother, learning how to survive in the lowest tier. When her mother died due to illness, Sooyeon began working full-time.

Then she met Eunseo, and the rest is history.

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 9128 + bi + ??? / age 16 + tier 1 + lvl 4 / racer + fast reactions + very poor

Jaeyoon is probably one of the oddest sights in the lowest tier. A gangly, violently blue-haired teenager in a car that looks far too battered to be racing at the speeds that it does — not to mention that he and a friend spray painted the entire car metallic gold with your stock-standard cheap spray paint meant for entirely different purposes.

You might think, there's got to be more to his personality than cars, and you'd only be half-right. Yes, he does also have other interests, but he's very, very fixated on becoming a professional racer. He fixes machines for a living, trying to earn enough to be able to buy a better car — because there's no way he'll win anything with the car he's got, not against real competition.

Jaeyoon is smart. He's survived sixteen years of Tier One, so he must be. But there's a limit to how far intelligence can take you, and he's rapidly approaching that line. He needs someone to help him stay afloat, someone who can teach him useful skills like negotiation, how to stand up for himself — things that Jaeyoon is fine at when he's got someone to back him up, but when he's facing off against a gang of angry guys in an alleyway, he doesn't have the skills to get out of there in one piece without conceding to some degree.

One thing Jaeyoon is really bad at — aside from the fixation problem — is introspection. Mostly because he doesn't particularly enjoy existential crises or being confused, so he tends to stay in the realm of more tangible, finite things than emotions. After all, the more he thinks about it, the more the same question keeps cropping up: what is gender, and how does he know what to label himself as? And sure, labels aren't necessary, but it feels nice to know something about himself. It makes things feel definite.

blue hair & black eyes & one eighty five centimetres & quiet & park jisung

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⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ justin sowards [3852]
pansexual ─── male ─── october 1 ─── 18 yo
─── powerlevel:4 ─── apprentice ─── tier 2 ───

▻ justin was raised in a fairly normal life--for tier 2 anyway--and had never seen any true violence or horror in his life. that was up until his mother was taken away from him abruptly and sent to tier 1. he never found out why his mother had to be taken or what happened, but it haunts him still to this day.
since then he was raised by his father with his younger sister. his father was always out working so he barely ever saw him, his younger sister, Layla, quickly became his best and only friend since no one at school really liked him.
justin was bullied frequently in school due to his nerdy yet loving personality. since then he learned to become a little less obvious with his emotions and keep it in, but it slips out still.
despite the bullying, he did incredibly well in school, especially at creating things and in science. because of this, the government decided that it would be best for him to have a mentor to make weapons alongside Dante.

▻ ever since justin was a baby, he's been a very loving, kind person. he loves making new friends and talking to people. since being bullied, he doesn't try as hard to make new friends, though. he's always been interested in the government and what they're hiding but he doesn't have the guts to dig in deep or go looking for answers because he knows that it could threaten his life.
justin is a very emotional guy and has a hard time holding back those emotions. he tends to lash out when he gets angry, sob when he's upset, and laugh to the point of tears when he's happy. he tends to let people walk all over him because to him, that's better than confrontation (unless he needs to confront and fight for someone he loves).
when he likes someone, he doesn't hold back. he's passionate, determined, and ambitious. behind all of his sappy kindness and love, he's intent on making his way in the world, finding his mom, and making a better life for layla. but he knows that he must accomplish these things carefully without drawing any attention to himself.

▻ justin has light brown hair that usually sits in a mess of curls on top of his head unless he bothers to style it. his eyes are large and brown; the perfect puppy-dog eyes which he never tries to use to his advantage but he somehow uses them anyway. he has a small splash of freckles across his button nose and thin lips. he's a bit below average in height but naturally strong and built. his voice is a bit high and has some kind of accent to it but no one really knows what it is.

(view spoiler)

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kenna | 165 comments
emily williams | [1108] | tier 3 | august 21st | 21 y/o

「 emily was born in the upmost tier, an incredibly privileged girl who was blissfully unaware of what was happening in the tiers below her. her father was a rich businessman, popular, and politic savy. her mother often stayed home, teaching emily the basics of being a proper girl and being sure that she never discovered just how privileged she really was. emily was raised with synths who she treated as her equals despite being told off by her mother whenever she did. to emily, the synths were people, not slaves or machines for energy. as she grew older, she began understanding just how poorly synths were treated. she quickly moved out the moment she could under one condition: she must have a synth live with her as both a protector and a helper.

「 emily is naive and optimistic about almost everything in the world. she trusts without thought and has absolutely no trouble opening up to anyone. she doesn't mind making people feel slightly uncomfortable in the process of her opening up. she believes that there's good in everyone and holds onto that belief with her whole being because it's likely the only thing keeping her sane. this might be the biggest reason why her father believed she needed a protector when she moved out. behind emily's bright smile and almost annoying optimism, she has horrible depression that hits at the most random moments. perhaps her optimism is simply a cover for this, emily herself doesn't know because she refuses to dwell too much on the thought.

「 from the back, you would think that emily was a young girl. she stands at only 5'1" and has a small frame. the only thing insinuating that she is not, in fact, an 8-year-old are her curves. her face is round with a button nose covered in freckles. her eyes are big and dark blue which often reflect her mood - like a stormy ocean when she's upset or a starry night sky when she's happy.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments
━━(i.) Identity
⇁ name: Constantine Geiger
⇁ identity chip #: 5061
⇁ sexuality: heterosexual
⇁ gender: male
⇁ age: 28

━━(ii.) Birth
⇁ birthdate: August 11th
⇁ tier: middle
⇁ power level: 1

━━(iii.) Class
⇁ occupation: mechanic
⇁ specialty: building and rebuidling machines, writing
⇁ wealth: poor, struggling to be well off

━━(iv.) Appearance
⇁ eyes: warm brown
⇁ hair: curly black and short
⇁ build: somewhat in shape, maybe a tad lanky
⇁ voice: a light french accent, maybe a little skittish and stutters a bit here and there.
⇁ notable traits: His hands are permanently stained with oil, not the whole hand, just splotches here and there

━━(iv.) Disposition
⇁ personality: Constantine is kind, understanding of peolpe when they cant pay him on time for his work. The boy is an awkward mess. Constantine spends most of his time alone in his shop, and really only goes out when he needs food or scrap, but even then, he is still terrified to go out. He gets flustered easily, whether by embarrassment or by something someone did. Intelligent, but dosent flaunt it like some do. Extremely humble, and taught to be a gentleman. Polite, though quiet, espically when he works, he is deadly silent. He works hard and has plenty of time to work on his hobbies; writing and drawing. The man illustrates and writes great stories about a wide array of topics, whatever comes to mind. He will read, watch and listen to anything to get ideas flowing through his mind to write and then boom, he is off in his own little world. His other love is robotics, the idea of creating some form of life through a machine has fascinated him and wants to build one himself.
⇁ history:(view spoiler)
⇁ mannerisms: tends to stutter, fidget with whatevers in his pocket, sometimes will absentmindly hum as well, though only when he is not working. When he works, he is deadly silent, letting the song of the shop play in his head.

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quincy | 72 comments

RCKT-19, designation "Rocket", is a world class android built by the mechanic Constantine Geiger. Rocket can demonstrate a wide variety of abilities in order to fulfill her duties as Constantine's android. Constantine has designated himself as "messy", "tired", and "disorganized". It is Rocket's duty to keep Constantine functioning at maximum capacity.

■ Objective: Keep inventory of mechanic shop; assigned by Constantine
■ OBJECTIVE: Keep living quarters of Constantine tidy; assigned by Constantine
■ OBJECTIVE: Help others in need; assigned by Constantine
■ ERROR: initializing data analysis
■ ERROR: analysis complete
■ OBJECTIVE: Acquire "friendship" of Constantine; self assigned

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quincy | 72 comments

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cosmic (erosful)



JASPER GAO    #1640descriptionbrainstorms
middle tier    demi-pandescription(view spoiler)

Jasper is a pretty simple guy; he isn't the type to ask for too much, nor is he the type to do too much. If anything, he doesn't like to do anything. After an accident involving a rogue synth and fire in his bedroom, the entire right side of Jasper's body, up to his chest, suffered burns to a large degree. At just age ten, Jasper became a cyborg. For years, he felt more robot than human which stemmed his reluctance to do absolutely anything. He had potential — he had a knack for mathematics, and had hoped to pursue a career in it — but after the accident, he lost all confidence in himself.

Growing up in the middle tier, Jasper never had to worry about struggling with money or just about anything. His parents spoiled him to no end, and he always got what he asked. So, yes, he still feels entitled to many things, and has never bothered to listen to people that try to tell him differently. Despite this, people still relatively like him; Jasper is quite the people-person and is charismatic to no end. Even if he is just a bit lazy, it doesn't stop him from being active with his friends in all tiers.

⦁ | Jasper doesn't like to be reminded of just how lazy he is. He always tends to be theatrical with his responses to people telling him to do something with his life, and is often giving a different excuse every time.
⦁ | Though he'd never admit it, when he's really truly bored, and none of his friends are unoccupied, he spends hours solving math problems from booklets that his parents give him every once in a while.
⦁ | For a few years following his accident, Jasper wanted to prove that he could be as independent as possible, and didn't change his cyborg parts for those years. He'd outgrown them by the time he was 13, but didn't change them until he was 15, so he has small scarring along his skin, but it isn't noticeable enough to be regarded.
⦁ | Currently learning sign language.

(view spoiler)descriptionsept. fourth     cismale
mark tuan fcdescriptionfreyhaven      one/two

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tori | 16 comments


[ 27 + march 22nd / / fem + straight / / tier 3 + chemist ]
↳ brown hair + brown eyes + 6' + 150 lbs + has a slight accent

There's a lot of pressure on Emmi, pressure to succeed, pressure to prove herself worthy of her status. And she has to wonder, of course, if there's so much riding on the proof of her cleverness because of her inability to work like other people do. Because, despite her accomplishments, she obviously does work differently than her coworkers, a fact that used to never bother Emmi until she realized how much it bothered everyone else.

There's no doubting that she's a woman of high-minded intelligence, able to create solutions to problems that men before her have balked at. But it's not just that she's a woman in a position of science; it's also that she has ADD and doesn't always behave in a manner that her colleagues find proper. Even when she was a young girl and her mother was tutoring her alongside the best instructors money could buy, Emmi rebelled against the traditional manner of doing things. Why should she force her brain to learn things a certain way when it amounts to nothing? Isn't her cleverness in and of itself enough? Apparently not, considering the unfair comments that follow her.

On her best days, she can float above the jests and the taunts and the whispers; but on her worst, she finds it hard to focus on herself because she's too damn focused on what people have to say. And it doesn't make it any easier when some of these discouraging comments come from family, from people who had once promised to support her no matter what.

It's her express dislike for backhanded compliments and whispered comments that leads Emmi to be a rather outspoken individual. She refuses to lie ─ which often makes her seem rather rude to some people ─ and places a high value on integrity. Her friends are few and far between (with trusted colleagues even fewer), but she refuses to compromise her values even when her anxiety is yelling at her to just bend to the will of people who'd rather see her fall.

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creds to quincy for making me want to
give this a try. her photoshop is pretty.
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KIM JISANG   ──   4419   |   male & tier 3 & lvl 2 & chemist ( explosives )
blonde-yellow hair ; brown-black eyes ; 1.55 m ; twenty-two ; ryu hoyeon

Jisang has very little regard for safety. It's a complicated mix of chaotic good intentions and chemistry nerd — but not suicidal tendencies. He got over those years ago. He's just a curious young adult (not a child! get it right!) who likes making alkali metals explode in water. Without any safety equipment at all.

Honestly, it's a miracle that he's still got all his limbs and digits and has 20/20 vision.

It doesn't take much to annoy Jisang. Call him childish, call him short, call him absurd or crazy, and you're done. He's never going to listen to you again. He's very short-tempered, and he doesn't care enough to try to fix it. If people can't understand that not everybody has to be prim and proper and mature all the time, then he doesn't see why he should have to try to understand their point of view.

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