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Ellen | 2316 comments On a train from Edinburgh to London, 4 strangers strike up a conversation to pass the time. The topic they choose is love and each of the 4 has a story to tell. Andrew recounts how he fell in love with Hermoine, a fellow intern at an art auction house. He found an anomaly in an old painting that kept the auction house quite an embarrassment. Although Hermoine's rich father did not approve of Andrew, she stood by her boyfriend as he would soon stand by her during a scandalous discovery about her father.
Hugh tells of how he fell for Jenny when he inadvertently exited his train at the wrong station. She was standing on the deserted platform and as the next train was not due for several hours, he impulsively asked her to dinner. They begin a long-distance romance, seeing each other whenever possible. On a trip to Paris they encounter an old flame of Jenny's who plants serious seeds of doubt in Hugh's mind about Jenny's true identity and possible danger.
David reminisces of being a young boy with a strong attraction to another youth, Bruce. Although he never spoke of his love for his friend, David nonetheless keeps Bruce in his heart even now, decades later and they have both married and have children.
Kay's story is of her parents in the Australian outback where her father ran his own siding and her mother sold home-made scones and grew beautiful flowers. She has fond memories of their family, isolated though they were, and admires the strong love her parents shared.
The central theme is summed up in the last sentence; "Loving others is the good thing we do in our lives. This is a charming little novel, all centered around trains in some way.

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KateNZ | 2666 comments Sounds delightful! And nice to have something outside one of his usual series (though I like most of those too)

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) | 6387 comments I love Alexander McCall Smith. Always a comforting read, and I feel that I am listening to friends recount episodes from their lives.

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KateNZ | 2666 comments That’s exactly right, BC. What a great way to put it

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