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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Sequel/second book in a YA series about woman looking for daughter with magic powers?

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TheBohemianBookworm | 119 comments So recently I was in a store with my sister and she saw this book she thought looked interesting but she couldn't remember the title a few days after we left. It was the sequel or second book of a series, the cover was black and the title had large font letters written in kind a smoky hazy, style. It was like a two word title or something, something to do with dark or fire? The book was about a woman who had like a powerful daughter with magic powers and people were like hunting her or something? I may be able to get her to share more information but that is a start I guess?

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A few long shots:
- Wings of faith (Dark Blood Trilogy #2) by R. Murray by R. Murray?
- Heaven's Forgotten by Branden Johnson Heaven's Forgotten by Branden Johnson?

Are there fantastical creatures (e.g., angels, vampires, shapeshifters, witches, dragons)?

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Hidden the click for the book suggested by Miranda.

TheBohemianBookworm | 119 comments Unfortunately it isn't any of those. I asked her again and she said the mother of the daughter was sixteen. So she was like a teen mom? I'm not sure if that narrows it down at all.

TheBohemianBookworm | 119 comments The sixteen year old was accompanied by a group of people who were trying to help her find her daughter. Her daughter had some kind of magical abilities and people were trying to take her because of them.

TheBohemianBookworm | 119 comments Her daughter had not been taken yet but there was a threat she would be.

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Chrissie (chrissiewhitley) | 139 comments Any ideas on the 16 yr old mom's name? Or the daughter's? Did the group of people surrounding them have a name?

Anything else you or your sister noticed? Male or female author? Paperback or hardcover? Any idea how recently the book was published? Anything else you remember about the cover? Any images at all on it?

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Chrissie (chrissiewhitley) | 139 comments Taking a stab at it here...

The Obelisk Gate (The Broken Earth, #2) by N.K. Jemisin
Is it The Obelisk Gate? (The sequel to The Fifth Season.)

The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth, #1) by N.K. Jemisin

TheBohemianBookworm | 119 comments It was a female author. The book she saw, which was actually the second in the series, was a hardcover. The cover was very simple, it didn't have any pictures, it was solid black and just had the title.

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Ashlyn | 3 comments This sounds a lot like The Mortal Elements series. The first book is called City of Bones. However, it’s a book where the mother disappears and the daughter and group of people try to find her. Maybe that’s it?

TheBohemianBookworm | 119 comments Ashlyn wrote: "This sounds a lot like The Mortal Elements series. The first book is called City of Bones. However, it’s a book where the mother disappears and the daughter and group of people try to find her. May..."

Sadly, it isn't any of these. We know it is not the Mortal Instruments because we've heard of those. I do not think this is a very popular or well-known book, because before I had not heard of it and neither had my sister.

TheBohemianBookworm | 119 comments Oh, and the book seemed like it was set in medieval times.

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TheBohemianBookworm, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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