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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod
collab here

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The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod
i have two sisters they're cool and they race
vroom vroom

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 9 comments i have a racer who might know/be friendos with them

also hullo love my children thanks

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kaya (ananats) | 44 comments

cosmic :
- smth w/ jasper and jisoo? jisoo could help him w/ maintaining the cyborg elements?
- sejoon might work w/ qianyu on occasion? or sooyeon?
- jisung could be one of ziyi's synths and that could be the catalyst for him accepting that emotions aren't all bad bc he'd be inclined to basically act as ziyi's dad

fiend :
- jaemin fc would interest qianyu a lot, bc u know, gathering information and all that
- one time jiang probably tried to hack jaemin fc and now he knows that he's not a synth but who would he tell bc he doesn't even talk to anyone so they could end up friends
- jaeyoon is passive-aggressive as hell (mostly w/ words though) so i doubt that'd go down well w wonho fc, there might be an enemies or rivals sorta dynamic there — but also bc jaeyoon is soft he'd probably just quietly be thinking 'but ur racing is rlly cool and i wanna get to know u'
- atticus could be watching elise but doesn't really do anything bc she seems harmless enough and she's just a teenager going through a phase in his eyes
- jiang @ ur taeyong fc "no, stupid things are bad they mess up my job, nobody should do stupid things, find a better way to alleviate your boredom"

anyone :
- children for sooyeon to protect
- people for atticus to surveil and also people for him to let escape
- friends for jisoo
- possibly romance for jisoo
- enemies for jiang
- ppl to protect qianyu / ppl he sells info to
- someone to parent jaeyoon please he needs help

message 7: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful)

@kaya : (view spoiler)

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kaya (ananats) | 44 comments

cosmic :

- nice nice. jisoo is gonna probably spend way too much time trying to make better parts for him and come up with ways to teach him sign language, but so long as he doesn't speak fast jisoo should be able to guess at what he's saying.

- qianyu @ sejoon: "im not that young also you're being age-ist why can't children be involved in crime?"

- sooyeon is the grandma of freyhaven's entire crime world and she's v v proud of that fact, so im not sure how long he's going to be able to avoid her forcing him to talk to her outside of work-related things. she's v stubborn when she finds something she cares about.

- i mean he'd be a terrible parent because he doesn't know how to offer emotional support but he'd be v protective in whatever ways he could

message 9: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful)

@kaya :

- sejoon: "for starters, children do not have the level of maturity that's needed for crime without faking it, and at some point, the truth bites them in the ass. secondly, if you get caught by authorities, that's an entire lifetime you'll be wasting paying the consequences. go the bed, kid." which i mean, is pretty hypocritical cause sejoon's being doing this stuff since he was like 15

- if that's the case, then yeah at some point he'll willingly talk to her, but he'd rather die than let people know he's chill with her, which he tends to feel with just about anyone that tries to get close to him.

- appreciates him nonetheless

message 10: by kaya (new)

kaya (ananats) | 44 comments

cosmic :

- "first of all im eighteen so im basically an adult second of all i live down here am i supposed to just magically avoid crime third of all you just don't want to admit that i could help you"

- she'll be v happy if he talks to her but also v smug. won't like... boast about it though

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cosmic (erosful)

@badger :

(view spoiler)

message 12: by rimskur (new)


@badger: hey! so I just put up a very simple brainstorm for one of my characters. she's a chemist that's kinda locked in her own mind and probably wouldn't be thinking too much about the moral and ethical dilemma of this kind of world because she's too busy in her lab. and the fact that she is so busy in her lab all the time also means that she doesn't always have room for social interactions and many relationships. so, I was thinking that out of your people, she'd probably interact with the top tier ones (I'm not entirely familiar with all the tier positions yet so forgive me if I say something wrong). I think some kind of relationship could be plausible between her and your Thom Morell fc? He seems emotionless and scary and she's this tiny mad scientist that doesn't understand feelings either and it could be interesting? idk lmao. Besides that she could perhaps be a sibling to one? and that sibling could be in another tier and so they don't see each other anymore? but there's that tension if they ever do? also think it would be interesting if she ever got involved with your sex worker somehow because the entire idea of sex would be new to her bc it's likely she's still never had it. ooh and she could also be friendly with your inventor somehow? idk these are some ideas, so lemme know if you like any of them!

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cosmic (erosful)

@awkward potato : (view spoiler)

message 15: by rimskur (new)


@badger: yeah and I can see them meeting in a very chaotic way? he messes up an experiment of here by accident or she does something to mess with his work. and they get off on the wrong foot with one another and begin having a bickering relationship. with the sex worker, I was thinking it’d be more of a friendly kinda involvement. like her kind of teaching her the ways of the world but not being romantically interested. lena could always have a tiny crush that is not mutual. and then yeah I think her and the inventor would be really cute friends! like just bouncing all these scientific terms off of each other.

message 16: by tori (new)

tori | 16 comments


- i can defo see a friendship b/w ziyi and my diana fc since they both do come from similar backgrounds + want to protect/help synths. plus, ziyi owns synths which could be interesting given my chara's ~radical~ disposition. idk, but i see them getting along where my chara is the louder persona to ziyi's chill one.

- evenlyn + my jisoo fc would bond over their desire to see the govt burn tbh. i don't know that they'd be close friends, but it'd be interesting to see how the dynamic b/w them would grow since my chara is kind of emotionally distant and evelyn likes attention. i could also see him acting as a mentor bc gotta have all hands on deck to bring down the big boys.

- i feel like my guy would just be like 'do i know you...?' at first and then as he kept on him, he'd finally start breaking down and start giving him like really vague answers or would put it on the mercenary who took him in, etc. but then as it wore on and nothing changed, he'd start asking him stuff like, "do you actually want to quit being a sex worker or do you just like hearing my voice?"

badger: yesyesyes <3

- tbh, i could see my white hat sec guy looking up to nathalie since she was the one who started this whole thing and he kinda followed in her footsteps to join the organization. i just feel like he'd feel very mentored by her and would do his best to make her proud in a way.

- also, colleagues b/w my euclid foreman and yours. not sure as to what their dynamic would be but yeah

please give me more lol. i'm running on 3 hours of sleep and this is what i have to start

message 17: by rimskur (new)


someone love me pls

(view spoiler)

message 18: by tori (last edited Jun 21, 2018 06:42AM) (new)

tori | 16 comments

di: i have a sex worker who is currently a blank slate but maybe it'll be possible for nikolai to be one of her clients?

also, lemme know if you want any of my other ppl

message 19: by rimskur (new)


@awk: hey babe!! 💕 but yes we could do that! he can be a regular visitor of hers and we could do a thing where he makes all these false promises to her? always like telling her that he’ll get her out of there and that he’d be a real lover to her - things like that. And half the time, he doesn’t mean any of it, Jean just saying it to get her in the mood and make the entire experience more genuine and comfortable.

and then our chemists! lena could really look up to yours and is the person that pumps her up and always satisfies her need to show that she can do their work and is really smart. I could see them giggling in the lab some times bc they have these ideas to try out certain experiments that haven’t been approved and they are just so fascinated by it all and are probably running around together in their lab coats all the time.

message 20: by tori (new)

tori | 16 comments

di: it's been forever and i missed you <3

- also yessss! i'll probably make her pretty meek anyway and the life she's living isn't the one she wants and so she's feeling unsure + hopeless and nikolai swoops in and makes her feel like she's seen. she'll totally fall into every word he says since she probably isn't used to being told sweet nothings or used to hearing nice things

- i can totally see them being friends especially since they're both more concerned by what's happening in their lab/in their heads rather than the brewing rebellion. it'd be nice for my chara to have someone who eases her anxiety, too. and they'd be constantly doing unorthodox experiments just because they thought of it lol

message 21: by rimskur (new)


@awk: I missed you too! we haven’t talked in so long lmao

- and then there could be a point where he doesn’t visit her anymore or he’s visiting someone else and it becomes a point of contention bc he really was like her hope and light in the darkness but he’s just a liar and a gambler.

- yes omg imagine all of their explosions. both of them being super impressed bc they created something in the lab but it becomes so valuable that they hide it or something

message 22: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful)

@awkward potato :

- okay yaaaay for the first two. they work perfectly. idk if with kento, he'll try to just start befriending your mercenary, or just completely forget about him at one point too. idk, kento has a lot going on in his life and he's just v forgetful.


- 💜

- ziyi wants to help any and all synths especially this very pretty female synth oop

message 23: by tori (new)

tori | 16 comments
di: yes to both omggg <3

cosmic: okay, okay, i gotcha. i think that would work out too. your guy would just forget and my guy would just grow increasingly more exasperated lmao

i'd say more but i've had a v long day and i'm just trying to reply lol

message 24: by rimskur (new)


@badger: lmao I totally see it. she's carrying a box of lab equipment to her place and she's got her goggles on still and she's all flustered when they crash into each other and she's basically screaming bc she's scared she accidentally broke some of her beakers and test tubes and he's just glaring at her while she's ranting to herself. I'm not sure how everything works but what if they like live in the same complex or something and she's seen him every morning on the way to work and they just keep glaring at each other every time they pass by since their bad run in but then it turns into bickering in the morning and then lena just keeps finding an excuse to talk to him every day and then yes ofc I live for traumatic incidents. for some reason I imagine they're having some angsty convo and she's flusteredly throwing chemicals together bc he's at her lab and then he realizes it's going to explode so he like hugs her and turns them away from the explosion just in time lollll sorry I ranted a bunch the ideas just came to me lmaooo lena would probably ask her a bunch of uncomfortable questions thinking that she's being cute, but, in reality, she's being kind of a freak. also idk if this would work at all, but I was low-key thinking that lena and your Matthew bell could be potential siblings or some kind of relatives? idk your background for him really but like if that is even somewhat a possibility, lemme know :))

@awk: omg yayyyy I'm ready for the angsty mess we always create !!

cosmic: hey!! wanna do something with you, but not sure what yet!!

message 25: by rimskur (new)


@badger: hell yesss I'm hyped. it's really cute already, I can feel it. she'd be the type of person to not understand her feelings at all and someone would have to literally point it out for her that she likes the guy. he'd have to shake some sense into her. like for such a smart girl, she's kinda dumb lol. hmm for matt and lena, I could see it being a thing where she really adores him, but then obviously he's a black hat programmer and she's a chemist so they are on different tiers and there's gotta be some tension about that. I could see him being generally very protective over her, but then he leaves her clueless about everything that he's doing? and then he keeps their relationship a complete secret. like his life is super private so he hides his family away and like makes it so that they won't be a danger to each other. and it's okay! I can change her last name to his!

message 26: by rimskur (new)


@badger: kk this'll be great. I love angsty siblings collabs lol. I could see her genuinely being worried about for some reason and she's trying to track him down like something could have happened where he's hiding bc of some black hat shit and she gets herself in some trouble bc she's trying to navigate the lower tier in search of him but knows nothing about it

message 27: by rimskur (new)


@badger: okay in my opinion, the facial hair pictures make him look more sinister and scary. I've used his fc before as an evil character bc of the facial hair and the eyes lmaoo. it's a lowkey scary combination. without facial hair makes him look younger and more polished and cute, posh boy. those are the vibes I get lol, so if that helps you decide...

message 28: by rimskur (new)

rimskur coolio :)) I'm about to work on lena's background, so if there is anything specific you want about them, lemme know

message 29: by rimskur (new)

okay basic facts:
- parents see her as golden child
- both parents could be top tier? like dad is in politics or something and mom is a mechanic/engineer type person?
- their home life was not problematic at all - or if it was, lena probably was shielded from it
- do we want some traumatic/sad family angst?

message 30: by rimskur (new)

rimskur kk! I could mention something like that. my profiles are generally pretty short and to the point, so I won't go much into detail about it and we could flesh it out as we go on

message 31: by rimskur (new)

rimskur do you think that their family would be well off enough to have had a synth assigned to them?

message 32: by rimskur (new)

rimskur okie dokie so I think I finished her? you can look over her and see if anything needs to be changed/added

message 33: by rimskur (new)

rimskur no worries lmao! and yes random names is okay with me

message 34: by tori (new)

tori | 16 comments


- my guy would honestly probably do a lot for nathalie and would cherish her trust and confidence in him. i just could see them having a good relationship and he'd be willing to go above and beyond for her + he'd value her prescence since she's also a synth and they both understand where the other is coming from and why it's so damn important they do well.

- yeah, i can totally see that. i feel like they'd be friends -- like, drinks after work kinda buds -- but in regards to rebellion matters, they'd just quietly acknowledge the other one and move on, yknow.

- yes pls give me gay

di: i plan to have her up soon ^-^ ready for the angst lol

message 35: by rimskur (new)


@badger: oooh I love him! I’m so excited that we have both of them done

@awk: yes can’t wait!!

message 36: by cosmic (new)

cosmic (erosful)

@badger :

- ziyi is a lost puppy too and will probably follow kala around in both their downtimes just cause she's so intrigued by her. and then she'll probably put the pieces together and start trying to help kala escape.

@diana :

- yes, hello, hi ! i'm kinda just looking through both our brainstorms and trying to come up with some stuff, but there wasn't much that i could come up with that would go past an acquaintanceship.

- sejoon will most likely frequent nikolai's market when he's in need of something that he can't get at another market, so there's that. the same goes for evelyn; if she needs to get something for the white hats, she'll go to nikolai and get it from him.

- despite being really chill, ziyi would probably try to befriend lena and open her up to the world outside of chemistry.

message 37: by kenna (new)

kenna | 165 comments hi i have a drug dealer, 22 year old, female character who lives in tier one (vitoria almeida) and i think it would be kinda cool for her to start up a romance (male or female). she's super sarcastic and kinda mean, she really wants to be free and doesn't want to love anyone which i think would make a romance all that more interesting lol.

or if someone would be down to make a kind of awful character (name: xander) who abused her a lot as a kid, that would be awesome!

message 38: by rimskur (new)

rimskur I’m about to go to bed but my character Lena is open for Roleplay now if anyone wants to start something soon?

message 39: by rimskur (new)

rimskur yes! we can do it whenever you’re free!

message 40: by rimskur (new)

rimskur okay so I’m back from my festival and grad party and all busy stuff this weekend so I can start @badger
but also quick heads up that I’m going to Europe on Tuesday lol

message 42: by Spadez (or Kadyn) (last edited Jun 28, 2018 02:41PM) (new)

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments I have a 28 year old male White Hat Jacks who lives in Tier 1 if anyone is interested in a relationship (Male or female), some sort of enemy relationship, or close friendship of sorts. Im also making a female of the Black Hats as well that I should be finished with in a day or so.

Or, Im up for anything, so if someone wants a character made to go with there's, I could make them. (view spoiler)

message 43: by quincy (new)

quincy | 72 comments


I would love to collab with you, I don't have a character open right now and I haven't really started on my brainstorms yet, but I could finish a character in a few hours if you want to look at my face claims.

@everyone else:

y'all wanna make some lesbians?

message 44: by kenna (new)

kenna | 165 comments @pika i'm way down to make a character for your male :))

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments @Quincy Alright, coolio. Ill look at them shortly. I could look at someone for my girl, or if you want, I can find another female claim because Id totally be down to make a lesbian couple with you.

@kenna that'd be awesome!

message 46: by quincy (new)

quincy | 72 comments YESSSSSSSS LESBIANS

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments X'D alright, cool!

Any ideas which one of your claims you want to use for her? Or have you decided yet?

message 48: by quincy (new)

quincy | 72 comments
I haven't decided at all, so if you want you can look here to see what i have so far and pick one...

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments quincy wrote: "I haven't decided at all, so if you want you can look here to see what i have so far and pick one..."

Hmm.. I think either Hayley Kiyoko or Lua Perez would work :)

message 50: by quincy (new)

quincy | 72 comments
okay awesome! do you have any ideas for your character?

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