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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Here it is!

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Victor (Vic) Fuentes
5’9” | 41 | February 10
skateboards | guitars | tacos

For the past twenty years, Vic has been touring the world with his brother and his two best friends, his wife and daughter occasionally joining the mix. Now, after just finishing ‘Three Cheers for Twenty Years!’ tour, he’s eager to get writing again

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Quick question before I make my character. How old should she be and then how old should their daughter be?

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Okay! I’ll have my person up in just a minute.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese Mariah Fuentes
5’ 1” | 35 | September 29

Tacos | Music | Photography
Reese works mainly as a photographer, that being what gave her a chance to meet Vic for the first time. That quickly led to a friendship and a romance between them. They eventually got married and had a daughter together. Things are a bit more difficult now though with their daughter and Vic’s touring always taking him away from her and their daughter, making things complicated and stressful a lot of the time for Reese.

Nose -right side
Upper cheek- left side
Ears- 3 lobe and double helix- both sides

Right forearm- dreamcatcher
Right shoulder-
Right thigh- Pierce the Veil quote that she was gonna get covered up: “to live is to fall asleep, to die is to awaken”
Left arm sleeve-

Ella Quinn Fuentes
Daughter | 4 |
Ella looks like a perfect mix of her parents. Her skin tone is a light tan and she has dark brown hair like Vic but has Reese's bright blue eyes.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Vic opened the door quietly, tossing a duffle bag onto the floor. “Reece’s?” He called into the house. The first time he met Reese, he thought her tag said Reece’s and the nickname had stuck. “El? ¿Alguien en casa?” A large grin grew on his lips as a little girl ran through the house. “Hey, Bug! Where’s your mother?” he asked and scooped her up in his arms, drawing her close to his chest with a kiss to her head.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments //i JUST SAW HER MIDDLE NAME YOU sneAKY DID YOH DO THAT ON PURPOSE

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Ella grinned and hugged him tightly. “Hi daddy!” She said happily, looking up at him. “Momma’s in her office.” She told him, locking her arms around him so he wouldn’t let her go or put her down.

Reese smiled a bit when she heard Vic come in the house and call out for them. She got up from her desk in the office and came to the front door, smiling a bit at Vic. “Hey love.” She came over and lightly kissed his cheek.

((XD maybe partially. I also just really like the name Quinn))

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments //I see you xD

Vic grinned and pressed a kiss to her lips. “Well hello, gorgeous.” He said. “God, it feels so great to be home.” he looked around with a smile. “Especially with my two favorite girls.” Vic held Ella tight on his side. Lucky his flight home was late so he could get sleep on the way home.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) XD

Reese smiled softly and nodded. “How was your flight?” She asked, looking him over. They’d talked on the phone or video calls quite often but it still wasn’t the same as actually having him there so she was glad he was finally home and just hoped that he’d stay for a while this time.

Ella held onto Vic happily, resting her head on his shoulder. She listened to them talk but wasn’t really paying attention.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “I slept the whole time.” He laughed. “Someday you two are going with me. I hate not being able to be around.” It was true. Sometimes Vic missed so much when he was out and he hated when he found out people at home asked about him and he couldn’t be her e

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) “That’s good considering Ella has taken over your side of the bed.” Reese smiled a bit at him. “I know. I know. But a however many months long tour is a long time to be away from home and be traveling all the time..” she replied, shrugging slightly. Reese wouldn’t mind the traveling, having done it before when she was starting to get bigger offers to take photos for bands or events. She just wasn’t sure how Ella would do with it or the rest of Vic’s band for that matter.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “A week or something then?” he smiled at her then looked down at Ella. “My side? I need to sleep there now, Bug!” he smiled and kissed her head again. “As much as I love you I’m going to be needing that back soon,”

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) “Maybe.” Reese agreed. She smiled as she watched Vic with Ella. “Good luck with that. She’ll probably end up between us.” She guessed softly. She grabbed Vic’s duffel bag to take back to their room.

Ella smiled and shook her head. “Nope. It’s my spot now. I claimed it.” She answered, looking up at him.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Vic scrunched his nose at her and laughed. “Yours? Where am I going to sleep?” he pushed his hair behind his ear. Smiling at Reese, he walked into the living room and sat on the couch with the girl.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Ella thought for a moment. “My room!” She decided, smiling a bit at him. “Then Ill stay with momma!” She smiled a bit.

Reese put Vic’s bag in their bedroom before coming back and sitting with them on the couch. “Good Idea El, I’m sure he won’t mind..” she teased. She leaned her head on Vic’s shoulder. “I missed you..”

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “Your room?” he laughed. “I have your room and you can have mine?” Vic acted like he was thinking. “Well, I am a princesa, aren’t I?” He had been teaching her some Spanish when he was home. Leaning over he kissed Reese’s head. “I missed you too, beautiful.” he said softly.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Ella smiled and nodded. “But if you’re a princesa and I’m a princesa, then what’s momma?” She asked, looking up at him.

Reese smiled a bit and blushed when he called her beautiful as her name. “Good.” She Agreed faintly. She glanced at Ella. “Couldn’t we all be princesas together then?” She offered softly. She spoke a bit of Spanish but was still learning with Vic or teaching herself some on her own. She didn’t plan on becoming fluent in it though.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Vic shook his head. “No, baby. Mommas a reina.” A smile pushed his lips up more as his arm pushed around Reese, rubbing her shoulder softly. When Ella looked confused, he leaned his head on his wife’s. “Reina means queen.”

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese snuggled close against Vic’s side. “If I’m queen then you should be king. Or you can be a dork and be a princess too..” she said softly, smiling brightly at him. She shifted and pushed Vic’s hair back so it wouldn’t be in her face.

Ella nodded. “Okay.” She Agreed, thinking it over. She moved so she was sitting on Vic’s and Reese’s Laps So she could be right in the middle of them.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “I am most definitely a princess.” he laughed, giving her a smile. “So,” Vic looked down at his daughter. “Tell me everything you two did. I wanna hear all about it. Everything.” He loved listening to Ella talk so passionately about things they did. Pulling Reese closer to his side he leaned into as well.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Ella smiled and nodded. “Okay. Hang on.” She got up and ran off for a minute to get something. She cane back after a minute, carrying a photo album. She sat back in Vic’s lap and started to show him, talking happily in mostly English and little bits of Spanish.”

Reese smiled faintly. “I told her we could take tons of pictures pretty much everyday so we could show you what all you missed out on..” she explained softly before Ella started talking and showing him everything. Reese closed her eyes and listened.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Vic grinned as he looked at the photos she showed him. His hand softly rubbed his wife’s hip, his hand finding hers lacing his fingers lacing over hers. “It sounds like you had a lot of fun, Bug. What did you like best?” he smiled.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese gently squeezed his hand. She stayed quiet and just listened as Ella filled Vic in on everything. She didn’t have anything important to add, having told Vic that sort of stuff on the phone when they’d talk at night.

Ella smiled brightly. “Hmm. The zoo probably! We got to feed a giraffe!” She said happily. “They’re really tall.. like taller than you and momma.” She added, looking up st him.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “Taller than me?” he laughed. “How about taller than Tìo Mike?” Vics brother was easily 6’1”, the tallest of the Fuentes familia. Rubbing his thumb along her hand, he leaned over and pressed his lips to her head.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Ella thought, mentally comparing them. “Maybe not taller than him. He’s tall.” She shrugged st him. “When do we get to see Tìo mike??” She asked after a moment. She loved being around all of Vic’s family, along with everyone in the band and they all seemed to love having her around too.

Reese chuckled softly. “It’s like all of you need to come over when you get home from a tour just so she can see you all..” she commented, smiling at the kiss. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “I’ll see what I can do about that.” Vic said and looked down at Reese and pressed his lips to hers. God, had he missed them so much. He chuckled against her lips when he felt Ella squirm on their laps.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) “Good. We can have them over tomorrow or something maybe. Give them a chance to get back with their families first.” She suggested, shrugging. Reese kissed him softly, gently cupping his cheek. She smiled and pulled away when Ella started squirming. “What bug? I just gave him a kiss.” She asked, looking back to her.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “No kisses.” she scrunched her nose. “You’ll get cooties!” Vic laughed and crossed his leg over his thigh. “Yeah, babe. You better not have cooties,” The hispanic boy leaned his head back and closed his eyes. “I’ll text Ma tomorrow. She’ll probably have everyone over anyways.”

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese rolled her eyes. “The only cooties I’ve got probably came from you babe.” She teased back. She leaned down and kissed Ella’s cheek lightly. “There. Now you’ve got cooties too.” She told her before looking back to Vic. “Anything else you wanna do this evening then babe or just take it easy?” She asked him, knowing he was probably exhausted despite sleeping on the plane home.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Ella shook her head as Victor yawned a bit. “Well, Mrs. Fuentes, I believe we should just take it easy tonight” He kissed Reese’s head and sat up. “I’m gonna shower so we can watch a movie or something? Bug, ?como se de se movie en español?

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese nodded slightly. “Okay. I put your duffel bag in our room. You can unpack it whenever or I can. I probably need to do laundry soon anyways.” She replied, shrugging at him. She squeezed his hand and let him go. She raised an eyebrow at the Spanish. “No idea.” She said softly, knowing even less than Ella did.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “Thanks babe, I’ll sort it out,” he smiled at her. After showering, changing and bringing laundry downstairs, Vic came back to the couch with a tank top slung over his shoulder and wearing sweatpants that fell low and hugged against the middle of his V muscles.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese nodded. She stayed on the couch with Ella, talking with her for a few. She moved to get up when she heard Vic come back downstairs. She got up and came over to him, glancing him over. “How is it that you’ve gotten hotter still?” She flirted softly, kissing his cheek. She smiled and headed to the laundry room so she could start a load before they started watching a movie.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Vic grinned and grabbed her waist. “I’m Mexican, I don’t age. But if we want to talk about being hot, let’s take a nice look at you.” he gave her a smirk as his arms were snakes around her. Vic had never lost his flirtatious touch with her.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese rolled her eyes. “I know and I’m extremely jealous of that..” she teased. She blushed a bit at his flirting. She always had, from when they met all the way to now. “I know. I’m pretty hot.” She agreed. “But you can admire my hotness later. Go pick movies out with Ella and I’m gonna go take care of the laundry.” She shrugged at him and didn’t pull out of his arms.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “You’re perfecto. Hush up,” he said before scrunching his nose. “Uh, no. You’re coming with me.” Vic picked her up and put her over his shoulder with a laugh, carrying her over to the couch where they had left Ella. “Watch out, Ells! We’ve gotta keep Ma from doing laundry, okay?”

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese laughed a bit, grinning. “Babe!” She tried to squirm free of his arms but it didn’t work. He was stronger than her and besides, she didn’t really mind being in his arms. She shifted and tickled his sides, diving that might work to get him to set her down.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “¡Hay!” he said and squeezed the back of her thigh. “Don’t touch that!” he laughed and spun her around a bit before sitting on the couch and holding her captive in his arms. When he was with Reese, he still felt young and completely absorbed into he r

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese grinned a bit and didn’t take her hands away from his sides. She shifted in his lap and snuggled close since he was gonna hold her captive anyways. “Guess you don’t need this then.” She teased, taking the tank top he had on his other shoulder and tossing it across the room. “There. Much better..” she smiled a bit. “Wanna pick a movie bug?” She asked Ella, looking over at her.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Vic pulled netflix on the TV and handed Ella the remote, knowing she could find one. “Pick a good one, Ells.” he said and pecked Reese’s head.
The young girl looked over and shook her head. “Cooties!” she giggled and cuddled up to Vic’s side as she searched for a movie.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese smiled. She shifted and tilted her head back to look at Vic. “She’s right. You probably do have cooties.” She said softly. She wrapped an arm around Ella when she cuddled close to them. “I missed this.. you were gone what feels like way too long..” she said faintly to Vic, looking st him.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “I know baby, I’m sorry. They racked on so many extra dates it’s ridiculous and never should have happened” Vic sighed and held his wife close to his chest. “But, I’m home now, not to mention with my astonishing wife and amazing daughter,”

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese shrugged slightly, listening to him. “You’ll be home for six months though. Maybe a little longer. And then it’ll be off on another tour or to go finish recording a record or who knows what..” she said softly, biting her lip. “I’m glad you’re home now though at least...”

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments He shrugged as well. “I wish things were different and I could be home longer.” Vic sighed and pursed his lips as Ella looked up at him. “Shhh!” the young girl whisper yelled. “Movie!”

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese shrugged st him. “We’ll find some way to make it work..” she assured gently, not wanting him to be upset over not being home when he was out doing what he loved. She glanced at Ella. “Sorry bug.” She said softly, wrapping an arm around her and staying in Vic’s lap. She glanced at the tv and started watching the movie.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments Vic kissed her head and rested his own against hers. Leaving for so long was definitely hard on all of them, he missed out on so much and he felt so bad about it. Feeling Ella get heavier he knew she had fallen asleep. He leaned over and kissed his daughters head.

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) Reese stayed close. She noticed how Ella had gone to sleep and smiled a bit. She lifted her head and glanced up at Vic. “I might fall asleep too. Just a heads up..” she warned faintly.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 824 comments “That’s fine baby.” he said and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I missed you so much,” Vic sighed softly. As exited he was to be home he was still upset he had to leave them as much as he did. He tried to take at least Ella to off-tour things like interviews but felt like it wasn’t enough

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Fallen (fallencatalyst) “I know. I missed you too. It’s weird not having you around. Every other day or so, El would ask when you were coming home..” she said softly, staying close to him. “ We almost flew out to come see one of your shows just so she could come see you.” Reese looked up st him.

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