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Is this a scene from the Miles series?

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Gallandro_83 I have a partial scene stuck in my head the last few days and believe its one from the Vor universe but can't remember. Can anyone help me out?

The main protaganist is male and after being disabked/unconscious wakes up in a compromising position with a female antagonist (not sure if enemy or friend) and his hand is caught in her bosom. I remember a line like "Get your breast off my hand." Then the characters try to swperate but have trouble because the males hangnail is caught in a zipper. Finally they tear apart and male complains of violent removal/ injury as third character enters scene.

This has been bugging me for a couple weeks now any help identifing it would be appreciated.

Karl Smithe I do not recall that in any Miles Vorkosigan story. In Mirror Dance Miles wakes of after being killed and cryofrozen and revived but a hangnail never comes into it.

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