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message 1: by The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (last edited Jun 16, 2018 06:12PM) (new)

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod
────── rules and restrictions
=we value even ratios within roleplay and we urge that you only take five males and five females at any given time. this rule is lenient though, and it can be bent.

=diversity is strongly encouraged, but know that the racial problems we may face today in modern society do not apply in this rp, nor does sexuality or gender.

=ten is not the cap to your faceclaims, it's as many as you can have unused at one time. if you use a female for instance, you may claim another female. if your claims have not been used within a thirty day period, they are up for grabs.

message 2: by The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (last edited Jun 23, 2018 02:36PM) (new)

The Outsider (Whales or Whatever) (davekatislife) | 229 comments Mod
1. olivia wilde ava daset hyland
2. beau garrett avril wynter hyland
3. ashley moore
4. janet montgomory
5. emilia clarke
6. yaya dacosta

1. dylan o brien olivarius leventis
2. toni mahfud
3. charlie matthews
4. harry shum jr. ezra wyer
5. donald glover dante tadesse
6. pascal grob
7. timothee chalamet

message 3: by Hammie (last edited Jun 20, 2018 09:06AM) (new)

Hammie | 12 comments Females
1: Lauren Cohan
2: Park Soo-Young
3: Sonequa Martin-Green
4: Kehlani Parrish
5: Pia Mia Perez

1: Sean O Pry
2: Chadwick Boseman Salaman Keres
3: Willy Cartier
4: Kim Nam-Joon Jubal Roland [8UZZK1LL]
5: Jesse Williams Assir Douglas

message 4: by cosmic (last edited Jun 29, 2018 01:57PM) (new)

cosmic (erosful)

mark tuan jasper gao
cha eunwoo

raven lyn
barbie ferreira arianna arevalo
song yu qi xu ziyi
cenit nadir

message 5: by kaya (last edited Jun 29, 2018 08:45PM) (new)

kaya (ananats) | 44 comments

letitia wright
amber liu
bae joohyun
kim jisoo

jung hoseok
lee taemin
zhang yixing
ahn jaehyun
huang renjun
park jisung
kim donghan

min yoongi
jeon wonwoo
yoon jeonghan
ryu hoyeon

message 6: by sucre'd fiend (last edited Jun 20, 2018 04:34AM) (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 9 comments

. chornasorn sakajul
. kiana lede
. cindy mello
. lauren de graaf
. chong tingyan as elise yang

. park jimin
. lee taeyong
. shin hoseok
. na jaemin
. kim minseok
. samuel larsen

message 7: by shinra (new)

shinra | 13 comments

. lee jongsuk
. darwin gray
. younes kahlaoui

. jeon heejin
. cara delevingne
. imaan hammam

message 8: by anya forger ⭐ (jim) (last edited Jun 19, 2018 06:27PM) (new)

anya forger ⭐ (jim) (sungkew) | 1 comments

. kim minju
. jennie kim
. cho miyeon

. ong seongwoo
. kang daniel

message 9: by tori (last edited Jun 28, 2018 04:12PM) (new)

tori | 16 comments

diana korkunova
mao yanqi ( vava )
nathalie emmanuel / / emilia santos
emily bador
fernanda ly
giza lagarce / / mariela rodríguez

hong ji soo ( joshua ) / / lee seojun
kosei kudo
seo kang joon
lee min hyung
moon jong up

message 10: by Jess (last edited Jun 22, 2018 10:18AM) (new)

Jess | 1 comments
Oh Sehun - Mercenary
Dylan Sprouse - Racer
Cole Sprouse - Racer/Lightbearer

Zoe Kravitz - Fighter
Vanessa Morgan - White Hat Programmer
Zendaya - Synth/Drug Dealer

message 11: by rimskur (new)


di's face claims:

matthew daddario
amelia zadro

message 12: by Kat (last edited Jun 22, 2018 02:47AM) (new)

Kat (kitty_kat_kit) | 1 comments

Grant Gustin
Drew Fuller

Willa Holland
Selena Gomez

message 13: by kenna (last edited Jun 28, 2018 03:57PM) (new)

kenna | 165 comments

tyler posey alec lister/white hat initiate
✗ nadji jeter
✗ ed westwick
✗ chris evans
tom holland justin sowards/apprentice

olivia cooke emily williams
madison pettis ellie torre/gray hat programmer
samantha boscarino novella genovesi/light-bearer
naomi scott vitoria almeida/drug dealer
✗ natalie portman
✗ chelsea gilligan
✗ zoey deutch

message 14: by Abdul Alhazred (new)

Abdul Alhazred (abdul-alhazred)
asa butterfield
levi miller

message 15: by quincy (last edited Jul 01, 2018 12:51AM) (new)

quincy | 72 comments

vito basso
miles mcmillan
booboo stewart
adonis bosso
lucas jade zumann
jake falahee

scarlet rose leithold
hayley kiyoko Yavana Briggs (x)
karla souza
alba galocha
lua perez Verona Dale (x)
melissa o'neil

amandla stenberg RCKT-19 designation "Rocket" (x)
ezra miller Arlen Zahra (x)

message 16: by Spadez (or Kadyn) (last edited Jun 28, 2018 05:00PM) (new)

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 55 comments (view spoiler)

*Jon Kortajarena
*Brian Whittaker

*Briana Shanee
*Kim Min Ji (Kimi - BULLDOK)

message 17: by Benny Boot (last edited Jul 01, 2018 08:15AM) (new)

Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 65 comments males
liam o'brien
aviv alush
ben dahlhaus

marisha ray
rachael price

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