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looking for a book

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message 1: by Zaana (new)

Zaana | 3 comments hi everyone. i'm looking for a book that can help me with studying social media characteristics from a social and cultural perspective. i will be very thankful if someone helps me with a good book ;-)

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Great question!

Let's see what the members come up with...also, check this out.

Check out my new #blog and #videos on "SOCIAL MEDIA HEALING" -the power of #socialmedia in #medicine today

Hope this helps.


message 3: by Zaana (new)

Zaana | 3 comments thank you Chris! it's weird that there is a lot of books about social media marketing and social media mining but seems that no one is interested in the basic impacts of social media on our society. although i'm a business analyst and i love to see how SM can help businesses but i think there should be some researches on this aspect of SM as well :-/

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