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message 1: by Josh (new)

Josh Caporale (caponomics) | 7 comments Mod
Hi everyone and welcome to Booktubers Supporting Booktubers! In this thread, please introduce yourself and share a link to your channel.

My name is Josh and I am a Booktuber from New Jersey. I am the producer and a panelist on Literary Gladiators, which is a group channel that includes discussions and debates about different works of literature in all of its forms. We also film individual content that includes reviews, discussions, tags, hauls, and other kinds of videos related to books, reading, and literature.

I feel that supporting other Booktubers is crucial to keeping the community prosperous and, in my mind, the best part of the community is the discussion and interaction among participants. I enjoy watching videos and leaving hearty comments that may eventually lead to an extended discussion. I am currently active in the Facebook group Booktuber Army Revolution and submit videos to the Booktube Weekly playlist, also found on Facebook. I feel that there should be a group of this nature on Goodreads, which is why I created this group.

I enjoy reading all kinds of books and works, but some of my favorite genres include literary fiction, speculative fiction, horror fiction, classic science fiction, nonfiction, historical nonfiction, poetry, short stories, and anything else that looks appealing.

You can find my channel, Literary Gladiators, here:

message 2: by Leena-Maaretta (new)

Leena-Maaretta Dixon | 5 comments Hi everyone! My stage name is Maaretta. I blog and do YouTube videos under the title "Ruby soup with pearl juice".
I try to focus on doing review videos and recommendations, as well as making shorter videos since I know everybody has a busy life. The books talked about on my channel are usually Literary fiction and Middle Grade. I also like non-superhero comics.
I have a Masters Degree in Literature and have a couple of published poems as well.
Will be happy to meet other Literary fiction or Middle Grade lovers!

message 3: by Tirion (new)

Tirion BookFlix (tirionmorganna) | 3 comments Hi
I just launched my booktube channel, Bookflix, and am super nervous about it, can't wait to check out all your channels and hopefully make some friends. I love reading fantasy and sci-fi, basically anything dark and twisty. I want to make all the standard videos and come up with creative new ideas, and try and be funny. I have a self deprecating sense of humour and just want to make book friends.
Channel Link:

message 4: by Year (new)

Year Author (emilylarson) | 224 comments If you’re a reader, reviewer, or writer of horror, mystery thriller, and paranormal check out Year of the Author on YouTube. Don't worry, I do review other genres like fantasy and YA books so there is a little bit of everything. I also do in depth reviews and read alongs of Authortubers, Booktubers, and Horrortubers books as well as horror movie reviews and writing advice and live stream writing sprints.

message 5: by Erin (new)

Erin Rogoff (erinrogoff) Links to my latest BookTube videos:
1. One Was Lost by Natalie D. Richards
2. A Whole New World by Liz Braswell
3. Games We Play by Dana Isaly
4. The Last to Die by Kelly Garrett
5. One by One by Freida McFadden
6. Dark Notes by Pam Godwin
I upload new videos every single Sunday, so subscribe to my channel for more!

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