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Jay | 251 comments Name: Jason Todd Blake
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Faction Of Origin: Erudite


Written Description:
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Height: 5'5
Weight: 134 lbs
SkinTone: White
Distinguishable Marking
Birthmark on the back of his neck, and has a scar on his chin, from a bus accident the Erudite covered up, tattoos up both sides of his body.

Personality: Jason is a very smart 18 year old, with archery skills that are the bomb (guns too) and has a strong spirit. Jason is athletic, stays focused. Talking is his main pass-time though, he likes being able to go to a different world for a while and forget about his life. He is a well balanced, talented, Dauntless member, but he also likes excitement and thrills. He is a very nice boy, always kind, always a bit goofy, but he is very charming and romantic when he is on a date. He craves excitement, in the faction Dauntless.

Mother: (Lily Jayne Blake, age 36) Died in the bus accident Jason got his scar from.
Father: (Donald Ray Blake, age 36) Is currently working as Erudite HQ CEO.
Sister: (Summer Lily Blake, age 12) Is currently excelling in school.

Jason's mom died in a classified bus accident, he doesn't know what really happened, but the driver said they blew a gasket. But Jason knew it wasn't any gasket... The way the "BOOM" surrounded the bus, and the way the bus stopped with no warning, all at once, which is hardly possible, and shot everyone up in the air and lurching forward. His mother hit her head on the top of the bus, landed (gut) on the back of a metal chair, and died from internal bleeding that night. He was lucky and hit his head on the chair in front of him, and blacked out. After a while he started to regain his old self, and when he was back to a smiling teenage boy, numerous girls asked him for a date, the few he said "Yes" to, he accidentally blew it by staying quiet, because he didn't have any interest in the girls anyways. Despite his failure to have a successful relationship, he wished to find his true love, just like in the stories he read as a child.


- Dieing with no purpose
- Confined Spaces
- Falling Sensations


- Music
- Reading
- Parties/ Celebrations


- Chocolate
- People gawking at him
- Jeanine


-Mentioning of bus accident.
-Mentioning his helping Jeanine
-The Chasm



Weapon of Choice: Bow and arrow, better usage of heights.

Faction they are in: Dauntless.

Aptitude Test Result: (Inconclusive/ Divergent)

Faction They chose at ceremony: Dauntless.

Divergent: Yes

Other: Jason prefers to be called Jay, or J.T. if you don't know him well, but prefers Jay. Hates when people refer to him as "The Leader of Our Future". Becomes very intrigued if a girl talks about true love, or would be if any girl had ever talked about it.

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Jay | 251 comments The picture works if you tap the arrow I the top right corner of the screen twice.

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Jay | 251 comments Is he approved, or???

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Jay | 251 comments Is he approved?

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Ok so the age needs to either be a year older or younger because initiation has already started

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Jay | 251 comments Okay, he will be older

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Ok so edit that and instead of possibly dauntless for the faction he wants put which one he actually is in

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Jay | 251 comments Ok thanks

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No prob. Tell me once that's done

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Jay | 251 comments Done...

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Edit the personality because it still says 16

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Jay | 251 comments It does? Ok sorry!

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Again not a prob

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Jay | 251 comments There...

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Jay | 251 comments Yussssss

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Jay | 251 comments Lol

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 1367 comments Im looking for a boyfriend for my person Bella Foix. Do you think maybe we could get them together? I think Jason would go pretty well with Bella.

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 1367 comments Bella is in Dauntless. He profile it's in the initiate's.

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Jay | 251 comments Same...

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Jay | 251 comments I will see...

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Jay | 251 comments Sure, wanna rp?

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Wait,doesn't he have to go to the Full Members folder then if he is 18?

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Yeh it does enchanting

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 1367 comments I can't right now Bella is rping with Emery Davidson right now, her best friend. Emery is Kaylins.

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Jay | 251 comments I signed up for initiates too late, so I had to edit the stuff aswell, so it's under initiates, and he had to be over 16...

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 1367 comments I'll tell you when Bella is free. Next time maybe.

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Yeah I know

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