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message 1: by J (last edited Jun 16, 2018 02:23PM) (new)

J (jssage) | 1 comments Hey!

Currently traveling with work for a few days if anyone would like some constructive feedback, Beta Read, Etc.

All YA fantasy, Fantasy, Blurb or Pitch is great!

Doesn't have to be complete. Shorter the better but don't let that put you off.

Pop a description of your book in the comments!!

message 2: by C.V. (new)

C.V. Gregorchuk (cvgregorchuk) Hey! I have a YA fantasy fiction that I need some feedback on!
Here is the blurb, let me know if you are interested :)

Magic and Power... Dragons. These are the things of books and movies... of other worlds. They aren’t real. They can’t be real.

Mia wishes for the days when she truly believed that. Days when her biggest worry was whether or not she’d be accepted into the university of her choice. But that was before...

Before her reflection started playing tricks on her in store windows. Before she was unceremoniously ripped from her family and friends and dumped in a place she can’t escape from. A place where no one can reach her. Nethea,

Thrust into a world where Dragons exist and magic is Power, Mia must find a way to accept the role she’s been Chosen to fulfill. A role that seems more and more likely to claim her life as she uncovers the staggering odds stacked against her. If she can do it...if she can rise above the grief and anger that plague her heart and save Nethea from the dark fate waiting in the claws of a monster... Then maybe, just maybe she’ll get to go home again.

Can Mia find the will and the courage to defend and protect a world she doesn’t belong to? Will she take up the heavy mantle of the Guardians of Nethea?

message 3: by R.M. (new)

R.M. Tafari | 62 comments Hi,
I have a short story, fantasy.

- should be able to check a sample there.

Synopsis -

On the anniversary of her father's death, Mira Vidrel's tortured past suddenly becomes her present. With elements of teen fantasy fiction and thrilling novella, lucid soliloquy and elegant prose, Luciferian Sky lures us into a world beyond good and evil.

Let me know if you’re interested in a beta-read.
Can message on here or contact me at

message 4: by A.O. (new)

A.O. (ao-chika) | 35 comments Hi J,

I'm working on a contemporary M/M romance novella which I plan to self-publish, and I figured it'd be good to get a few suggestions on what to improve before publishing. It's approx. 45k words.

Could you please beta read my ARC? I know beta reading is a lot of work and while it's not much, I could create a minor character for you in the next book in the series. The character does not have to be modelled after you, they can look and behave however you want them to (as long as it fits the story).

Barely surviving due to bank loans, pending medical bills, and record low sales due to the upcoming Kenya elections and 'peaceful' protests, Otieno is doing his best to save his mother's restaurant. In one last attempt to boost sales, he decides to partner up with a controversial food delivery startup to try online sales.
He meets Dave, The Grub's Co-founder and COO. The attraction is instant, but neither is ready for a relationship as they both have too much on their plate.

Thanks to negative press from an article more about his sexuality than his company, Dave has lost several restaurants and is desperate to save The Grub. Circumstances force both men to work together to save their respective businesses, as they work together they are forced to acknowledge what they really want - each other.

Here's the link to the Beta reading form if you're interested>

Thanks :)

message 5: by D.C. (new)

D.C. Burton (dc_burton) | 6 comments I have a short fiction piece about 2.5k words title, "Beer is Food" that can be best excerpted as,

"What would you do if you knew today is the day you'd be murdered?"

As a warning, there is violence and swearing in that piece.

I also am 4 chapters (about ~10k words) into a Greek mythological fiction novella surrounding the apocalyptic end to the 6th age of mankind. This is a framed story with each chapter playing as a short story from a different gods POV.

If you are interested in either I'd be happy to send them over!

message 6: by Maya (new)

Maya Lemaire (mayalemaire) | 8 comments This isn't my post but if you still need someone I am interested in knowing more. Is there any romance in the book? Feel free to PM me.

message 7: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 80 comments Hi J,
I have a short horror/dark fantasy story that's about 3,130 words that I would love feedback on. Here's a brief description:

A young woman is haunted by the ghost of the woman who hurt her while another victim targets someone she loves.

If you're interested let me know :)

message 8: by Lilith (new)

Lilith Pan (lilithpan) | 6 comments Hello J,

I'm working on a queer fantasy romance and am looking for beta readers to read the first 10 (short) chapters over the break.

All Yoonbae ever wanted was to make music, while Jiyo desperately longs for control over his own life. In a fantasy world with a magical minority and magically engineered hybrids, they and their friends try to conquer the music industry. But while they are undeniably drawn to each other, Yoonbae's inability to communicate his feelings and the toxic thoughts in Jiyo's head don't make it easy to fall in love.

Please message me if you're interested, I'd be delighted to work with you

message 9: by Beth Wagner (new)

Beth Wagner | 10 comments Hello J;

You said that you were interested in YA Fantasy?
I have just the novel!

Book's genre: Fantasy
Word count: 59,040
POV details: third-person but focusing on one character
Kinds of sex scenes: none
Level of violence: situations around violence but not graphically depicted
Any possible triggers readers should be aware of: none that I am aware of
Number of betareaders you want: 10 - 20

"Four. I have a young ward around here whom I feel it best to take along with us. Carla!"

Carla came out from where she had been lurking at the corner of the house. Wissagebreht addressed her as though he did not know that she had been listening to almost every word that had been said over the past two days.
"Carla, we are going to seek the unicorns, You, I, the King, and the Chamberlain. Get yourself ready quickly."

"Yes sir!"

She was turning to go when Brehtand came forward. "Your Highness, where do you go?"

"Why, off into the Great Wild to seek the unicorns."

"And you go alone?"

"No, the Wizard, his ward, and the Chamberlain go with me."

"Milord, you must take a guard!"

"The Wizard has explained that only a small group may go to seek the unicorn, lest they take fright and not allow us near."

"Milord, the dangers of the Great Wild are too well known. Even adding a few more to the party will be a little safer, and probably not that much more frightening to the unicorns."

"Brehtand, I know you speak out of love for me, nevertheless I must say that this is my final word. No, you shall not go."

"Very well, your Highness." But it was clear that Brehtand was far from pleased.

There was a little more delay while they made preparations. Wissagebreht insisted that while it might be easy on their backs to allow the packhorse to carry everything, it was also the height of folly. "If we lose the horse, we lose everything. No, let us rather each carry a bit of food, a bit of clothing and so on, leaving most of it for the horse, but with us carrying enough that we will not be naked and starving without the horse."

The King scowled, but saw the wisdom of this. Carla, who had been used to doing as Wissagebreht bid without question, simply shrugged and set about making her pack as light as was feasible. She was wondering why the wizard was determined to take her along. It wasn't as though he had not gone away several times and left her to fend for herself for days, even weeks.

She thought to ask him, but with all the people around knew she would get no useful answer out of him. She shrugged. Well, once they were out in the Great Wild she would try to find a chance for the question.

After they had gotten packed up they left. Leaving the men-at-arms sitting and standing uncomfortably around Wissagebreht's hut.

message 10: by Domino (new)

Domino | 6 comments Hey there!

I got a 76k YA science fantasy about a cyborg-witch who goes on a global and interstellar quest to deliver a necklace, all while being chased by weird dudes and getting caught up in a humanity-deciding game of cat-and-mouse. Imagine Kingdom Hearts mashed with Lord of the Rings.

Sound interesting? :)

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