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Austin | 323 comments Mod
Faction: (Country of origin)
Religion: (Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, ect)
Appearance: (Description and/or Picture)
History: (How did she get to where she is now)
Title:(nobles often have fancy titles.)
Weapons/ Skills: (How does she fight, what does she know how to do?)
Other: (Other relevant info)

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Austin | 323 comments Mod
Keeping in mind that is was rare and extraordinary to see a woman fighting as a warrior. Most women of stature manipulated the men in public office or employed more cunning tactics that just challenging their enemy to a duel.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 277 comments Mod
Character 1

Name: Nefertiti (aka Nefera)/ Nefer (disguised as a man)

Faction: (Country of origin) Egypt

Religion: Complicated

Appearance: (Description and/or Picture)
As a Man: She keeps her onyx hair cut at shoulder length and straight. She is often dressed in a shirt and pants when not in armor which is mostly never. She always keeps a short dagger hidden on her. She is slender and well built but is shorter than most of the men she fights with.

Her true appearance

Traditional Clothing:

History: (How did she get to where she is now): The Princess Nefertiti was sent to the leader of the Christian crusaders as a peace offering and a gift. Without given a choice she did as she was commanded and allowed her self to be taken from her home as a prize. While being transported across the lands her caravan was attack by Mongols. Many were killed in the attack. Fortunately she had been trained to fight because the Sultan enjoyed the entertainment of two women engaging in battle. So she was able to escape, but very aware of the dangers to a woman that lurked in the shadows. She then decided that she would take the armor of a one of the chariot soldiers to hide her identity. After concealing her original clothes on an undamaged chariot, she got in and began her journey to her destination. When she arrive, she reported the attack saying that she was the only survivor to the man in command.

Title:(nobles often have fancy titles.) Princess/ Nobility

Weapons/ Skills: (How does she fight, what does she know how to do?)
She was educated to be a lady of the court. This consist of a lady's behavior in court. This education also included learning to sing, dance and to play instruments.
She was well educated without her father's knowledge in other skills. She was taught to read and write in her own language but also others. She was also taught minor mathematics.
Once old enough she trained in hand to hand combat, most weapons but weak at using certain ones.
She was trained at a young age. What started out as a means of defense became entertainment to Sultan and nobles. As she grew she wanted to learn more than was required for entertainment. She was trained in secret by a tutor who was told by an Farseer that he was the only one to do this. He would be helping the future of the kingdome.

Traditional Clothing:

Other: (Other relevant info):

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Austin | 323 comments Mod
She is approved.
But I gots some comments. Can she read her native language? Second the Mameluke Egyptians did use chariots. The only use of chariots in this time was for entertainment by the Byzantines. Lastly while it is a minor detail. You seem to think that the Mameluke culture is the same as the ancient Egyptian one. The Mameluke culture in this time is most similar to Arabian culture.

This is due to The Egyptians being most recently conquered by the Arabs nearly 600 year prior.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 277 comments Mod
I'm sure there was other stuff that was sent with her also but we can deal with that later.

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Brian (oscart) Name: Tiajilliane Paradis
Age: 20

Faction: Ireland

Religion: Druid

Appearance: Tia is lithe and athletic in build. Her long red hair is usually braided into a single rope-like braid and hangs well below her waist.

History: Ten years ago Tia was caught trying to steal from the forge of Bjorn Valdemarson. Rather than turn her over to the authorities Bjorn convinced her to remain with him as a sort of apprentice/daughter. The orphan girl, having no better prospects, agreed, though in her mind it was to be a very short relationship. Instead, she grew to love the gruff older blacksmith and has remained at his side ever since. Bjorn forge twin rapiers of incredibly light weight and saw that Tia was extensively trained in their use. He bought a lightweight mail shirt and reworked it to increase it’s strength without adding weight. Tia has faithfully served as both apprentice in the forge, and page on the battlefield.

Title:(nobles often have fancy titles.)

Weapons/ Skills: Tia’s fighting skills are based on quickness and speed. She uses her rapiers for relentless attacks, always dancing away before retaliation. Though she will never be a powerful fighter, her ability not move quickly makes her an excellent scout.

Other: Tia rides a thoroughbred Arabian stallion that is known for it’s speed and maneuverability.

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Austin | 323 comments Mod
since she is paired up with your other charecter she is approved.

A side note though, Her religion and fighting style may mean that she will have a lot in common with the mongols

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Austin | 323 comments Mod
Two things: The armor is way in the future from this date. Add her history and she will be approved

((Silver O. Smith - Can't turn off disorders.)) I'm working on her and I see. Ideas on armor then since I am horrible with this time period? XD

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message 13: by Austin (new)

Austin | 323 comments Mod
ok she is accepted

message 15: by Merenwen (new)

Merenwen Inglorion | 10 comments Name: Ekaterine (Eka for short) Ziynet Badem

Age: mid to late 60s

Faction: Georgia

Religion: Orthodox Christian ((Or Catholic, whatever the dominant faction in Georgia was))

Appearance: Long dark hair with a bit of gray at the temples. Dark and surprisingly smooth skin (she only has a few wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, wrinkles just starting to show on her forehead). Walks slightly stooped, and with a limp on her left side. Has wide, black eyes. Wears whatever traditional clothing the household she's working for wears.

History: Grew up during the tail end of Georgia's golden age, a descendant of the Qipchaks. She learned to illuminate manuscripts from a priest, who began to teach her some of his religion. This infuriated her parents when they found out (Eka began asking questions about their Muslim faith). They demanded that she cease lessons or find another instructor immediately. Around this time, the mongols invaded. Eka managed to escape. Though she doesn't remember the details, she recalls being with the priest at the time, and being able to eventually bury (whether in actuality or symbolically, she can't recall) her slain parents. During the flight, her left leg was damaged to the point where she developed a permanent limp.
She learned everything she could to get along, becoming a jack-of-all-trades (for a brief time, she had to disguise herself as a male). She hired herself out as a servant, but eventually, she was in such dire straits that she decided that prostitution was her only option. She was kept from this fate when she came across a group of traveling nuns. They allowed her to travel with them and help them administer whatever aid they had come to deliver.
Eka eventually became a tutor of sorts, and has remained in that position/profession for some 20-odd years.

Title: N/A

Weapons/skills: She's pretty handy with utilizing sharp things (mostly to the detriment of any slacking students), but she was never formally trained with weaponry (what she learned, she learned through trial and error). In addition to illumination, she can embroider and cook. She can also ride, knows a bit of weaving (both on the loom and with the hands) and some basic herbal medicine, and skin care. Any other miscellany knowledge she learned while on the road has yet to come into play.


message 16: by Austin (new)

Austin | 323 comments Mod
yeah she is defently approved. She may be more frail in her old age but she will defiently be wise. Perhaps she is a tutor to a mongol general, byzantine general, Or Turkish general?

message 17: by Merenwen (new)

Merenwen Inglorion | 10 comments That'd work. :D
Let's see...what would be her status in a mongol setting vs. a byzantine or Turkish one? Like, how do they view women/elders in general; how open would she be able to be about her religion; would she be overt about her role as advisor/tutor? Would it be more probable for her to be teaching a younger or older general?

message 18: by Austin (new)

Austin | 323 comments Mod
in Byzantium, she could be very open about her religion, since they too are orthodox. Turkish, she would have to be married to the general to tutor them, She could not talk about her religion. In the mongol area, she could tutor a general and be open about her religion as they actually have freedom of religion.

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Merenwen Inglorion | 10 comments Hmm. Probably Byzantine, then.

message 20: by Austin (new)

Austin | 323 comments Mod
Ok so we can place her in the Byzantine relm as a tutor to a general. Their goal is to retake Constantinople from the crusaders who have gone rogue.

message 21: by Merenwen (new)

Merenwen Inglorion | 10 comments So do I just copy/paste her character info into the Byzantine topic, and wait until someone else makes a Byzantine character?

message 22: by Austin (new)

Austin | 323 comments Mod
no, now you go under request to RP and wait until someone makes a Byzantine character. Perhaps you could message some of your friends to come here to play with you.

message 23: by Merenwen (new)

Merenwen Inglorion | 10 comments I thought I had responded to this. Guess not. 0_O
Alright, I'll do that. Thanks. :D

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Name: Yukino Kiera Cadwell
Age: 19
Faction: Egypt
Religion: Christianity
Description; Yuki has long brown hair, however as her hair continues it becomes lighter and lighter to the point where it's a really light Khaki brown. Her eyes are an emerald green and her skin is a very pale white.
(view spoiler)
History: About 12 years ago, Yuki's parents died. Her parents were a Christian minority and were executed during a crackdown, leaving small Yuki orphaned and on her own. Yuki was forced into hiding so she wouldn't be enslaved by anyone. While Yuki was hiding, she taught herself basic self defense and how to fight. Yuki relied on stealing for a living. One day, after she had stole some food from a merchant, she was soon caught by a slave trader. It wasn't long after she was caught that she met the Slave trader's son, Katzumi. While his father was rather mean, Katzu was actually really nice and didn't really like the idea of slaves. Katzu and Yuki would talk often, and soon became good friends, until the day she was being sold. Katzu wasn't going to have any of it and decided to free her the night before, despite the risks. The two ran away together. Once they were sure they were far enough from Katzu's father's reach, they stopped to think of the plan. In the end, They agreed to go to the city of Greece, for they had heard many tales of greek heroes. During their travels, Yuki taught Katzu basic self defense. When Yuki and Katzu reached the city of Greece, they decided it'd be best to become scholars and study to learn as much as they could.
Title:(nobles often have fancy titles.) Scholar Student
Weapons/ Skills: (How does she fight, what does she know how to do?) Yuki is skilled with fighting with swords and small daggers. Her skills aren't exactly refined or lady like, for she was never formally taught. She taught herself growing up. Her aim with a bow is decent, however that doesn't mean someone won't lose and eye if they are around her when she's training. Other than fighting, she's rather skilled at cooking and taking care of children.
Other: N/A

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I hope she's okay, I don't know much about the Crusades or anything. (Is there anything I should fix?)

message 26: by Austin (new)

Austin | 323 comments Mod
So at this time Egypt just went through an Islamic Revolution. Much like what happened in Iran in the 60's. The character you made really doesn't feel Islamic at all. Perhaps her parents were a Christian minority that was exicuted during a crackdown. Leaving her an orphan.

At that point she would have to run, fight or hide. In order not to be picked up the streets and enslaved. It was not custom for any culture in this area to teach women how to fight. So perhaps her days on the run was when she learned how to defend herself.

Then perhaps the boy was the son of a slave trader that eventually caught her. Maybe they have heard tails of Greek heroes from stores and decided to travel there believing the stories to be true.

As soon as they would enter Byzantine controlled Greece the table would turn. Yuki being the same type culture would be welcomed, but katzu may recieve a harder time getting along with the locals.

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I'll fix it when I get home

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Yuki~ "Sometimes you just have to learn to be brave and face your fears. And other times you just have to leave those fears be because they are there wrote: "Name: Yukino Kiera Cadwell
Age: 19
Faction: Egypt
Religion: Rather Complicated
Description; Yuki has long brown hair, however as her hair continues it becomes lighter and lighter to th..."

*Is that better?*

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Austin | 323 comments Mod
Yeah the only thing is that Greece is a land not a city. They could travel to the castle of Corinth or the city of thesilonica. Once you change that she will be approved

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