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Ship Rats
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Rhian (rhianima) | 21 comments Hi, please, please, would you consider downloading my FREE book today? It's so close to no. 1 on Amazon UK and US! It's only available for free for the next 5-10 hours or so, depending where you live.

Reviews super-welcome. :)



P.S. Winn (goodreadscompswinn) | 14 comments Got it. I have a dozen ahead of it but will get it read and reviewed soon.

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Got it...will read next...will review

message 4: by Rhian (new) - added it

Rhian (rhianima) | 21 comments Lovely, thank you PS and Annemarie. :) You are the best.

Lorna Wilson (blackbutterflylorna) | 24 comments Hello P.S. and everyone! I'm looking for reviews on a children's picture book as well. Are you still reviewing? If so, my book title is Penny Candy: The Hopscotch Trails. The link follows or I can email a mobi file.

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Ellie Elf | 3 comments Finding Santa The Adventure of Greedy Elf by Ellie Elf

Hello, I am also looking for reviews for my newly released children's picture book, Finding Santa: The Adventure of Greedy Elf. An Amazon link is below or if you would prefer an ebook just let me know where to send it, either here or on my website: Thanks!

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