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Ellen | 2316 comments This is a charming little children's book written in free verse about Gabriella, a young girl who sees words with wings; that is the way she describes her constant daydreaming. Her mother and father have recently separated and she has had to move to a new house and a new school. Gabby misses her father and the closeness that the three of them shared. She also misses her old school and friends since at the new school she is seen as being odd. Her mother and her teacher are always telling her to pay attention and to stop all of that daydreaming. Words seem to be her only friends and they can send her mind soaring. After an attempt to stop her inattentiveness, teacher Mr. Spicer wonders where the happy, dreamy Gabby has gone. He comes up with a brilliant plan to uncover the old Gabby and to inspire the rest of the class to add some dreams to their own lives. Lovely.

Joni | 625 comments I am so glad you liked this one.

Ellen | 2316 comments I really did. Thanks for the recommendation, Joni.

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