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French in titles or in texts

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message 1: by Danny (new)

Danny Tyran « Omelette DU fromage » ?!!! On doit dire « Omelette au fromage » pas « omelette du fromage ». If you want to write in French, do it correctly!

message 2: by C.L. (last edited Jun 19, 2018 05:00AM) (new) - added it

C.L. Thank you for pointing that out, but I actually did that on purpose. It's probably more of an American thing, but there's an episode of a cartoon ( ) where the character can only say Omelette du Fromage, so it's a joke.

Inside the book, one character actually says omelette du fromage and the other character corrects him to omelette au fromage, because he speaks French while the other does not.

I guess I should have mentioned this but sometimes as an English speaker, I forget that people who are native speakers of a different language might not get the joke and think it's a mistake. I think I might add a disclaimer to explain.

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