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message 1: by Anantaram (new)

Anantaram Varatharajan Ciao tutti, buongiorno!

This is Ananth, PhD student at Politecnico. I'm glad to have found this group (my thanks to the curators). I recently moved to Torino and have dearly missed the esoteric chats on books! Please sign me up for any discussion/meetings. If you have a thought on any book, do get in touch. I'm all ears :)


PS: I notice that all preceding discussions have been in Italian but am afraid my vocabulary is perhaps more shy than ignorant at the moment.

message 2: by Margherita (new)

Margherita (margherite) | 36 comments Mod
Hi, Anantatam. welcome to this group!
don't worry, I'm going to send you a reminder as soon as we organise the next meeting ;)
Where are you from?

message 3: by Margherita (new)

Margherita (margherite) | 36 comments Mod

message 4: by Anantaram (new)

Anantaram Varatharajan Hi Margherita, thanks, glad to hear!
I'm from India but have been abroad since the last 5 years moving around Europe.
Oh, if you're interested in Indian novelists, may I recommend Serious Men by Manu Joseph (Humor/Satire), The Hungry Tide by Amitov Gosh, A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry (a heavy and compelling read with twinge!, perhaps not an idle choice for a sunny beach)...

message 5: by Margherita (new)

Margherita (margherite) | 36 comments Mod
thank you very much!! the only indian authors I know are orhan pamuk and Salman rushdie. I'll take a look at these

message 6: by Anantaram (new)

Anantaram Varatharajan *Orham Pamuk is Turkish.

message 7: by Margherita (new)

Margherita (margherite) | 36 comments Mod
oh, ok :) I didn't know! I mean to read a book of his, but I supposed he was indian ahahah

message 8: by Anantaram (new)

Anantaram Varatharajan I wish! If he were, we would have another Nobel laureate in literature :)

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