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Principles of Magic (Son of the Keeper #1)
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R.S. Merritt | 30 comments Check out Son of the Keeper. This new book is the first in the Son of the Keeper Series. Sci Fi and Fantasy that's also a bit YA. FREE today only. (June 16th)

Principles of Magic

Principles of Magic (Son of the Keeper #1) by R.S. Merritt

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Kristal Taylor (brilliant50) | 156 comments Do you have a link to amazon? I put on my to read list. Looking forward to reading

R.S. Merritt | 30 comments Hi Kristal,

Here is the link to the book on amazon.




R.S. Merritt | 30 comments Principles of Magic (Son of the Keeper #1) by R.S. Merritt Principles of Magic

Available for free on Amazon until the 14th! Grab your copy now:

Over 2,000 years ago the Xandians were forced to flee their world by a horde made up of dark forces that had spread throughout the universes like a plague. The Xandian king and a handful of nobles stood alone on the wall against wave after wave of the horde forces as the last remnants of the Xandian people fled through a portal to the planet of earth. They've been fighting and protecting this planet from being overrun by evil ever since.

The horde continues to grow stronger as the Xandians have gradually had their forces diminished. When their queen is killed their last hope switches to the potential powers of an eleven year old boy whom no one has told may be the greatest magical force of all time. The day comes quickly for him to embrace his birth right and fight to save not only his own people but all of the people of earth and ultimately of the universe itself.

Son of the Keeper: Book 2: "The Weight of the Crown" Is Available Now on Amazon

Son of the Keeper: Book 3: "The Fate of the World" Available now on Amazon

R.S. Merritt | 30 comments Principles of Magic (Son of the Keeper #1) by R.S. Merritt is now available on Audible!

Check it out with a free trial!

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