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Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments Hey all! Looking at Mark's link to top grimdark novels led to me adding some things to my Amazon wish list and come to find out, one was on sale. I've seen other groups have this thread to spread the love and thought I would start one here. Mark, if you don't like this idea, please feel free to delete!

Godblind is currently $0.99 on the Kindle.

message 2: by Lukasz (new)

Lukasz (visvamitra) | 8 comments I just checked and it's 15.18$ on :/

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments I'm sorry, I probably should have specified. It's $0.99 on Kindle US. I just double checked and bought it myself.

message 4: by Lukasz (new)

Lukasz (visvamitra) | 8 comments Hmmm, it's one of this rare times when Amazon discriminates European citizens :) As Polish I can buy ebooks exclusively from Usually, I can take advantage of deals available for you. Not this time, though. I guess it's double priced - US citizens get the deal, others get regular price. A shame. I'll try to hack it by creating US adress on my Amazon profile. Maybe it'll work?

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments Definitely worth a try. ;)

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments Age of Assassins is a US Kindle daily deal for $2.99.

message 7: by Cagri (new)

Cagri (cgrslk) | 2 comments is a web page sends promotions/special offers to your e-mail address regularly. you may catch some good books free or very cheap prices.

message 8: by Pat (new)

Pat | 15 comments Master Assassins is under $3 Au on Amazon Australia - I bought mine 2 days ago for $13 Aus

message 9: by Patricia (last edited Jun 18, 2018 03:27PM) (new)

Patricia Burroughs (pooks) Masks is the first book in a very lushly drawn fantasy series and is always free. Indie pubbed and has some fairly impressive blurb recs.

It begins as coming-of-age of young gay guy. Not a lot of sex, more fantasy with politics, scheming, etc. than that.

message 10: by Para (wanderer) (new)

Para (wanderer) (parawanderer) You can also track book prices on ereaderiq, even set up alerts. But again, not reliable for EU citizens, as we seem to sometimes get US editions and sometimes UK editions, despite using the .com site only.

message 11: by Pamela (new)

Pamela  | 54 comments In the US on amazon, today's Kindle daily deal, has Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft, on sale for $2.99. Have been seeing a lot of good reviews for this book in Goodreads.

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments The second book in John Gwynne's Faithful and the Fallen series, Valor, is currently $2.99 on Kindle US. (I don't know how long for. I've had it on my wishlist for a couple of years and this is the first I've noticed it go down in price.)

message 13: by Pamela (new)

Pamela  | 54 comments Thanks for the info, just picked it up.

message 14: by Pamela (new)

Pamela  | 54 comments US Kindle daily deal, Kings of The Wyld by Nicholas Eames $2.99 today. Also, on Kindle and Apple IBooks saw Magic Bites, by Ilona Andrews for $1.99 . Don’t know the length of that sale. Both are very entertaining.

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments John Gwynne's A Time Of Dread is a US Kindle Daily deal for $2.99.

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments The Lies of Locke Lamora is a US Kindle daily deal for $1.99.

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments These aren't daily deals so I don't know how long they will last for (US Kindle):

The Grim Company is $2.99
Blood Song is $2.99
And all of the Powder Mage trilogy by Brian McClellan is currently $2.99 each.

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments Theft of Swords is a US Kindle daily deal for $2.99.

message 19: by Elaine (new)

Elaine | 12 comments I am behind in checking this thread but these are great ideas!

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments Low Town is currently $1.99 on Kindle US. I don't know for how long but I haven't seen the price go down on this since I added it to my wish list a couple of years ago.

Cupcakes & Machetes (hybridcreature) | 35 comments US Kindle daily deals: Kings of the Wyld is $2.99 and Age of Assassins is $1.99.

message 22: by Martin (new)

Martin Owton | 42 comments One week promotion 16 fantasy books (plus one space opera) for 99c/99p. Details here:

message 23: by Noor (new)

Noor Al-Shanti | 6 comments My stand-alone epic fantasy novel Children of the Dead City is on sale for $0.99 - and today's the last day of the sale so I figured I'd post about it here.

message 24: by Noor (new)

Noor Al-Shanti | 6 comments Just realized this would be the perfect place to let people know about the Epic Sale of Beloved SFF, which has loads of fantasy books in it for only $0.99 each:

message 25: by Pamela (new)

Pamela  | 54 comments Just noticed in the US Kindle Daily Deals for Sept 2., John Gwynne's, The Shadow of the Gods is on sale for $2.99 today only.

message 26: by Harveen (new)

Harveen (harvskhails) | 12 comments 99p sale on UK Kindle for a few recent of HarperVoyager books. I think it's this weekend only.

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