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Marc (monkeelino) | 2872 comments Mod
Apologies for the delayed start as I was unexpectedly offline most of today.

We'll use this thread for general discussion about the author and book. Please save spoilers for the other threads. Let us know if you've read John Keene before, first reactions to the writing style, etc.

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Hugh (bodachliath) | 2833 comments Mod
Thanks Marc. I read the book earlier this week and was very impressed, though I suspect I missed quite a lot. I have never read anything else by Keene. This could be a fascinating discussion.

Marc (monkeelino) | 2872 comments Mod
This is also my first time reading Keene, Hugh. I'm about halfway through and thinking there could be plenty to miss in this collection given the layering and subject matter!

Beverly | 142 comments I have had Counternarratives on my shelf for a while.

If I had to pick a reason why the book has been patiently "idling" on the shelf - I guess I will say - short stories is not one my favorite genres/formats.

And it will also be my first reading of Keene.

I am going to begin reading today.

LindaJ^ (lindajs) | 2439 comments I’ve finished Part I and I cannot think of what I read as short stories! I’m enjoying it but sure is different. I have not read Keene before. Looking forward to the discussion.

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