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((Here's Your Dorm!))

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Helena's Side (left)

Crammed right up to the wall is a low, single mattress bed with a small table bearing three drawers full of miscellaneous items beside it. And at the end of the bed is a drawer full of clothing, the top littered with jewelry boxes, books, pliers, magnifying glasses, and lots of sewing equipment and more (bigger) miscellaneous junk.

Under Helena's bed is nothing, since she likes to keep it neat. Though, when she's doing a particularly large project, she stashes it under there. She also has her wall covered in photos of nature, family, fandoms, and a calendar with a schedule. She's no neat freak though, and will constantly break the alarm she keeps beside her pillow without cleaning the mess up.

Also at the end of her bed, on either side of her dresser, is piles of coupons for meat, or old dog food-maybe even some leftover food she never got rid of. This goes to her dragon, her Familiar, who sleeps just outside her dorm room window in the small garden of sunflowers below.

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soub (gothstew) Rose's Side (Right)

Rose's half of the room consists of an old fashioned black painted metal bed frame, with vines coiling on it. The bed has a single mattress that sinks in slightly in the middle, due to Rose's excited bed jumping. There are light red sheets on it, with two matching red pillows. Rose has a small stuffed cat with button eyes that she keeps on her pillows. Right at the base of her bed, Rose has a desk that she keeps her laptop, sketchbooks and a multitude of potted plants on. In the drawers, she has various homework assignments and gardening tools. She also has many books on gardening, and books that she 'borrowed' from her brother Dell. There is an old lamp that she keeps plugged in, although hardly ever uses. Rose also keeps a spinning desk chair under her desk. Rose has a dresser next to her bed. The first two drawers have several dividers in them which she keeps her clothes in. The next two drawers are filled with art supplies, makeup and hair dye. The last drawer is filled with empty pots for her plants. On top of the dresser is completely full with plants. Rose also has two shelves above her bed full of plants, and pictures of her and her family. Rose also has three picture frames. One has a drawing of flowers, the next is a picture of her and her family, and the last is a photo of her and Dell.

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