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Book Issues > Someone totally ruined M.L. Buchman books, combining most of library into 1 book

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message 1: by Asteropê (last edited Aug 01, 2014 03:19AM) (new)

Asteropê (21tauri) | 144 comments I noticed that ALL the 9 plus books plus the between ones of the Night Stalkers series and ALL their editions were merged into 1 book - so all the separate books were put into one book and are now editions of one book. Some other books, of other series of this author were added in there as well! There's so many books listed as "editions" that aren't supposed to be there!

Who would do such a thing?! And if it was a person and not some weird software glitch, IMO they shouldn't be a librarian!

I started to separate the books (I've only gotten book 1 separate and combined so far, there's a lot more left) and then recombine the like editions together so things are as they should be, but by myself it'll take some time. Perhaps others can help?

You can see the massive screw-up here, most of the books of this author are listed as editions of book 2:

Since this is a major (one of the worst I've ever seen) mess-ups, I wanted to mention it here.

message 2: by Koenraad (new)

Koenraad (koenraadkelemen) | 5035 comments I've separated the books and reconstructed as much of the series as I can (not sure they are complete though). Can someone more familiar with the author please verify?

message 3: by Asteropê (new)

Asteropê (21tauri) | 144 comments I'll take a look. I came across this issue when viewing the series lists.

They look good to me - the series lists.

Thanks for separating them!

Any idea who or what caused that? I really hope it wasn't a person!

message 4: by Koenraad (new)

Koenraad (koenraadkelemen) | 5035 comments Thanks for reporting it :)

Asteropê wrote: "Any idea who or what caused that? I really hope ..."

Not really, but in my experience most of the time these things are done by accident, and if it is not repeated, I would not bother to investigate this further...

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