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Lori Drake (loridrake) | 14 comments * Title: Grave Threat
* Author(s) name(s): Lori Drake
* ISBN (or ASIN): B07DQTY681
* Publisher: Clockwork Cactus Press
* Publication date: 6/19/2018
* Format: eBook
* Description: Mind control is a terrible thing to waste.

Joey and Chris are finally settling into something remotely resembling normal in their new hometown. It’s great, aside from being in separate packs.

But when Joey’s Alpha is kidnapped, it’s all wolves on deck, and what begins as a ride to the rescue devolves into the road trip from hell. The situation only gets worse when Chris, too, is taken.

Now Joey is left seeking allies in unfamiliar territory while the captives fight for their free will as well as their freedom. Can Joey reclaim her loved ones before they’re lost to her forever?
* Page count: 301
* Link to book page:

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