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Sophie (engulfedinstars) | 72 comments Lets get reading!!

message 2: by Kristina (new) - added it

Kristina (chocfreek) I just realised I can't get the book on Kobo in NZ so I'll have to pass this time :-(

Bella | 14 comments Can't wait :)

Laurel | 2 comments I can finally actually do this one! yay :)

Paulina (littledreammer) | 5 comments Hi, I'm new in the group! :)

Yesterday I bought the book, so I ready to accompany you, guys!

Lisa Curtin | 10 comments I started and finished this in a day. Wow.

Rachel O (rachelophotography) | 10 comments I've already read the book before but it's so good. I can't wait to see the film

message 8: by Shona (new)

Shona (shonalee) | 109 comments I'm gonna have to pass again. Don't think I've read the last few but I just haven't had time. I'm struggling to get though the list of books I've already got to read but hope you all enjoy the book :-)

Natalie Hennessy | 6 comments I've been waiting to pick up this book/quartet for a while now. Once I finish the Shatter Me trilogy I shall start this :)

Lynne WOW just finished it. I wouldn't exactly compare it to the hunger games but still really enjoyed it defo got better as it went along can't wait to read the rest :-)

message 11: by Nula (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nula | 6 comments such an amazing, crazy topic to write about, the entire trilogy is fantastic!

Catalina (catalinaa) | 152 comments I went to the bookstore and couldn't find it, so I think I'll have to pass this time... But instead I bought The Book Thief, which I wasn't able to get for the May (I think?) book club :)

message 13: by Nula (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nula | 6 comments ooh, I'm really wanting to read that book as well, sounds super.

Catalina (catalinaa) | 152 comments Nula wrote: "ooh, I'm really wanting to read that book as well, sounds super."

I've only just started it but it's quite interesting so far :)

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I didn't even realise this was a group read and I just started reading it yesterday! Loving it so far.

Paulina (littledreammer) | 5 comments I finished it a few days ago. WHAT AN AMAZING BOOK! I qualified it with 5 stars; I loved it. It kept me entertained until the end, and I hope to see if the film reaches the level.
I really enjoyed the suspense and mystery in every moment. Surely, I will continue with the series.
A great choice to read this month :)

Allie Brown (allietb) | 28 comments I really enjoyed this book. It's rare to see a male protagonist done so well, and I think all the twists were good and unexpected. And the ending! I can't wait for the movie

Gerlinde | 6 comments I read it, half a month late, I know..
Anyway, I really enjoyed it, read must of it in one go, something that I don't allow myself to do very often but the story sucked me in. I am very excited for the movie now.

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