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More Sequel or not?

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Gina's (ginasgoodreads) | 24 comments what?

Allison Janezic (allilj) | 94 comments YES YES YES!

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message 5: by ➳Halina➳ (last edited Aug 06, 2014 01:23PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

➳Halina➳ Nope. Sorry.

AwesomeBubbles | 1 comments bump it up

Chloe Goodlace | 3 comments No I would say not. It ended well and I think it may become boring. There is nothing really for the author to chew on to make up another story anyway. I also don't think another lover will end well with fan girls either! But a new book will be interesting and it is Divergent after all...

Erin I agree with chloe.
However, I do think she should just rewrite the whole series in Four's Point of view. That would just be awesome!

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Oh I thought it meant another series from Veronica Roth. If you meant that then yes of course, Veronica is such an amazing author.
But if you meant a fourth book for Divergent, then no. It wouldn't make sense. I think that if Four finds someone else then us fangirls won't be pleased.

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Emma Sr_xo. I agree. She's fantastic at writing and definitely she should write something else, but not another book to divergent. That would be foolish.

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Colleen | 39 comments I think it would be kinda cool if she somehow did a spinoff series or something like that

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Abby | 10 comments They might make a movie on the book four

Daughterofposeidon | 23 comments Ooooo that would be awesome

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Colleen | 39 comments That would be interesting....:)

Samia | 6 comments I didn't like the ending of Allegiant. Not that I wanted a happy-ever-after ending but I felt like The book missed some kind of closure for Tobias - I know some will say that his zip line moment was it But NO NO NO, the guy is still mourning. So YES Please a sequel to know what became of Tobias. As for books from Tobias point of view.. hmmm not so sure as the writing in Tobias POV wasn't so appealing to me.

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@Samia I agree and disagree lol. I agree that the ending of Allegiant wasn't so perfect because it is the last book. I also did not want a happy ever after but I don't want a sequel. I think that I wouldn't make sense because there would be no story and a book from Tobias' POV would be perfect. But just for Tobias like another Four story but like 10 years later.

Samia | 6 comments Sr_xo28 wrote: "@Samia I agree and disagree lol. I agree that the ending of Allegiant wasn't so perfect because it is the last book. I also did not want a happy ever after but I don't want a sequel. I think that I..."

You are probably right. I just wish that The author would have at least given Tobias a nicer ending tho. As I reached the end of Allegiant I just felt like Tobias needed some closure. I remember when ending other trilogies and series (E.x Harry potter)I was sad to complete the books but I was satisfied and Felt closure at least and could let go. But Allegiant didn't have the same effect.

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@Samia 100% agreed. I think that Veronica should have given Tobias a better ending.

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Ella | 6 comments YES!!!

Princess_22 | 25 comments ofcourse!!!YES!!!!

Lauzza | 22 comments SPOILER

Certainly but what would happen coz tris is dead.

Gwen  (lemonadewho) | 23 comments YESSSSSSSSSSS

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Emma No. Of course not. I feel like it wouldn't be the same. The only reason there would be a sequel is probably because of money.

Stephanie Noel (wherestephaniereads) I think no. Just because the last already had an end to the story. They saved the factions, and Tris died(spoiler). ANd not to mention a lot of our favorite characters died as well. Without them the story would be complete. Plus the purpose is gone. ANd Tris is the main character of the story. Its like having a Indiana JOnes without Indiana Jones in it.

Rosie | 6 comments I would love a sepuel about Four's life after Tris' death. :)

Cassie | 10 comments They should make it about the Dauntless children (if they make it!)

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becca | 14 comments I want a sequel about life after tris but like really later... like 30 years or so....

Laura (lauraaranac) | 3 comments Well... I hope you guys (those who wanted a sequel about Four after Tris' death) are pleased with that "We can be mended" thing🤮
Lol, she should have just let it the way it was, I deeply regret reading that, kinda understood the author's intentions, but I just hated it

Deepika I would have liked a sequel if Tris was alive but she is not :( So I am not so very eager for a sequel

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