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Ellen | 2317 comments Mia Dennett has been stood up by her boyfriend for the last time. Once again he has to work late and as Mia sits in the bar where they were to meet she is approached by a handsome man and Mia impulsively leaves with this perfect stranger. She does not know that this 'stranger' has been stalking her for several weeks now and has been hired to kidnap her in order to get ransom money from her wealthy lawyer father. Colin Thatcher, the kidnapper, is rough with Mia and totally insensitive to her fright but instead of delivering her to the men who hired him to commit the crime, he drives Mia to a secluded cabin in the wintry Minnesota woods. He may be a hardened criminal but he could not hand her over to men he can't trust not to kill Mia once they have the ransom.

Mia and Colin, who now use the names Chloe and Owen, barely survive the frigid conditions in the cabin. At first they are contentious with one another but after several weeks they form a strange sort of friendship. Colin knows that the men who hired him are now looking for the 2 of them and will kill them both. He must think of a way to get them both out of the country before the criminals or the police find them.

This book is told by 3 different voices: Colin, detective Gabe Hoffman, and Mia's mother Eve Dennett. That made for interesting points of view throughout the novel. I certainly did not see that ending coming - it completely threw me but it was rather brilliant. This is the only book I have read by Kubica but I will definitely read more.

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Joi (missjoious) | 3834 comments This has been my favorite of Kubica's so far.

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