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Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change
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Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
In the middle of a “how to” chapter on preaching, Antal provides support to pastors: remember that the church was born for this, prepare your heart, cultivate courage (pp. 125-129). Might any of these suggestions apply to you? How might you support your pastor?

Skip Stoddard | 10 comments The section on preparing your heart is a bit puzzling to me. Focussing on a sense of wonder, and imagination, about the beauty of creation, instead of instilling hope in me, just makes me appreciate more fully what we are going to lose! I guess that is where the coursge comes in.
Three things I like in Chapter 7:
1. The image of the church as a sleeping giant that future generations of humans and animals are trying to shake awake
2. In comparing the church’s role with respect to climate change, to its role in previous moral crises (like slavery), Antal asks: “Just which side to you want your church to be on?”
3. It makes me proud of and thankful for Gary (and all the others who made the JCC a reality) when Antal says we are called to be a church for others “koinonia.” Golden Rule 1.0 and 2.0!

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