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Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change
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Jane EGS | 32 comments Mod
Antal writes, “In African American churches in the South in the early 1960s, how frequently do you think worship or prayers or singing focused on civil rights?... Looking back, this seems natural, appropriate, and obvious.” (How much is enough? Climate talk in church, p. 104) He then offers suggestions for worship and for preaching in this time of discontinuity. Which of these suggestions might work for you? Which might fly in your congregation? What liturgical or preaching practices might better reflect the culture of your congregation?

Skip Stoddard | 10 comments I really like several of the suggestions in Chapter 6. As a church community, we feel great joy on the birth, baptism, and communion of a child. We should also do what we are able to show that we bear responsibility to leave them a livable planet. This (Golden Rule 2.0) should be added to our liturgies.

I endorse the idea of including creation protection promises with ordination vows.

The section on animals is important to me. It is more than just being kind to animals. I have read the book Antal refers to “Ask the Beasts...” The author (a nun of some sort) shows how Christian theology has consistently excluded non-human creatures from consideration in the “Kingdom of God.” Instead, everything is about us. But in fact, animals (and plants) have just as much at stake with climate change, we are screwing them over just as we are ourselves, and they can’t do a damn thing about it.

Although the idea of a new sacrament is interesting, I would vote against calling it a “Sacrament of Dirt.”

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