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Bexter Does anyone have a copy of book club discussion questions for this book? Can't find anything...

Bexter Well, since no one offered any questions, I went ahead and created my own. Here they are for anyone else to use :)

1. What is the significance of the title, beyond “Bell” being the main character’s last name?
2. Are there other character names that seem significant?
3. What is the significance of the Child Ghost finally revealing her name to Molly?
4. Were the maps important to the story?
5. Did the magical elements of the story enhance or distract from the story? Did you enjoy the world as it was presented in Bell Weather? Did it remind you of an actual particular place and time in real life?
6. Typically, a good main character undergoes a substantial change from the beginning to the end of the story. Did Molly change? Other characters?
7. The book Master and Commander is one of the author’s favorites. Do you see elements of that story in Bell Weather?
8. Does this book fit in the mystery genre?
9. Every other chapter was a flashback to Molly’s past. Did the author make a good format choice? What if the story had been linear?
10. Did Lord Bell love his children? His wife?
11. What do you make of the brother/sister relationship between Molly and Nicholas?
12. Was Molly a likeable main character? What was the importance of her ability to climb?
13. Was Nicholas a believable antagonist? Did he have any vulnerabilities? Nicholas was the leader of the Maimers. How did Nicholas maim himself?
14. The Maimers took the most prized possession from their captives—often a special ability. If you met the Maimers in the forest, what would they take from you?
15. The ending of the book clearly leaves the door open for Nicholas to return, and the author has revealed he is already writing a sequel to Bell Weather. What do you think will be included in the plot?
16. What is the role of male rivalry in the book?
17. A dark and dangerous forest is a common literary element…can you think of other books/stories where a mysterious forest plays a role?
18. The author gives us hints about the Kraw and the Elkinaki. Why? Did you find yourself hoping that some other parts of the story were elaborated upon?
19. Is the dust jacket for the book a good representation of the story inside?

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