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Rebecca (rebecita) You finished! What did you think? Will you go on to read more in this series?

message 2: by Rebecca (last edited Jun 15, 2018 10:34AM) (new)

Rebecca (rebecita) This book met our criteria of not being a Sword and Laser pick - but it was a Vaginal Fantasy alt pick! You can find their discussion here:

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Rebecca (rebecita) I'm a bit overdue in reporting back - this book was a sweet and fast read! The worldbuilding aspect of glamour as a womanly art is so apt and the real selling point for me. The romantic intrigue was fine... I felt the end was oddly rushed, especially with the epilogue-ish summary of their married life together. Perhaps the author didn't originally intend a series? I'm glad she did, and thanks to Scott for the tip that the later books are worth reading - I went on to devour the 2nd and 3rd which broaden the world and have been more to my taste. Perfect way to while away travel delays last week.

Anyone else finish yet?

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Scott | 59 comments Mod
I read it a while back...2015 according to Goodreads (hard to believe it’s been so long lol). And like you, Rebecca, I devoured the sequels. Took me about a month to finish all of them lol.
I agree the epilogue definitely reads like Mary wasn’t originally planning a sequel, or maybe she just wasn’t sure her publisher would want one. If I remember correctly, I believe it was her first novel so the ending may have just been first novel kinks.
The glamour is definitely the selling point for me as well, especially with how it’s expanded upon in the rest of the series.

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Scott | 59 comments Mod
If you enjoyed this series, I highly recommend Mary's Ghost Talkers. And, after I read S&L's monthly read, I'm going to be starting her new book, The Calculating Stars

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